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Recommendations for true-life 'daddy books'

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BeauBelle22 Fri 01-Jul-16 15:55:45

Hi all,

I've recently finished reading a lovely and really quite moving true-life tale about an emotionally challenging pregnancy written from the daddy-to-be's perspective called Expecting the Unexpected - One Man's Journey Through a Most Eventful Pregnancy. It is the first 'man's point of view' book I've read on the subject and I must say that, as well as making me re-think how me and my DH managed during our pregnancy, it has whetted my appetite for reading similar books (the idea of knowing what he's really thinking is infectious!).

So my question is, can anyone recommend some decent real-life books written about pregnancy or parenting from the male perspective? Not bothered if its Kindle or traditional. Thanks in advance x

KittyKat37 Sun 03-Jul-16 23:06:52

OMG I only just finished reading 'Expecting the Unexpected' last month. A friend of a friend who knows the wife of the author lent me a copy and I absolutely loved it, refreshingly honest and very funny in places, but also quite sad too (I was in tears when they got the results of their 20-week scan).

If you're keen on this kind of thing then try giving 'Fatherhood' by Marcus Berkman a go. My DH read it way back when and, because he kept sniggering and laughing every time he read it, I ended up reading it too. It's very amusing and provides a very frank peek into the way the male brain looks at becoming a father!

BeauBelle22 Mon 04-Jul-16 10:57:44

Wow, you actually know the author? How cool is that? Please tell him how much I enjoyed Expecting the Unexpected and that I have recommended it to all my friends!!

I've had a quick look at Fatherhood on Amazon and I think I'll give it a go (it's only a couple of quid second-hand). Thanks Kitty!

KittyKat37 Wed 06-Jul-16 15:10:58

I don't know him personally; his wife is a friend of a friend of mine. In fact the only time I've seen him is when his story (the pregnancy and subsequent book) appeared in our local paper.

Next time I see him though I am definitely going to tell him how much I (and you) liked his book.

You'll enjoy 'Fatherhood' - it's a blast!

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