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I'm re reading in the woods by tana french

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StealthPolarBear Fri 24-Jun-16 21:48:50

In advance of her new book coming out in September, and it really is as good as I remember.
I am not her, or related to her I promise grin

Clawdy Sat 25-Jun-16 08:24:05

I've enjoyed her books, but do find them over-long.

ChessieFL Sat 25-Jun-16 22:52:05

In The Woods gave me the rage! Ending was such a let down for me although I know others disagree!

StealthPolarBear Sat 25-Jun-16 22:53:31

Ah sorry chess. I do remember being a bit disappointed but the whole book is so magical.
I think so anyway.
I do agree it's long, that's why I've started now before the next one in September smile

CoteDAzur Sun 26-Jun-16 21:16:00

Magical? What? Are you sure you are not related to the author? grin

I couldn't stand In The Woods. It's literary masturbation and that's all it's got. "Look, how I can write if I want to. Ha!" from the very first page. Story is crap and the ending is bullshit. I hated it. (Sorry)

Notveryhappyvalley Mon 27-Jun-16 15:14:44

I have a real love-hate relationship with Tana French's books.

I think she's brilliant at creating 'atmosphere'. Broken Harbour is one of the most properly creepy books I've ever read and The Secret Place took me so strongly back to being a teenage girl it nearly gave me flashbacks.

But her plotting is atrocious - The Likeness rests on a completely ridiculous coincidence and the ending of Into The Woods.......aaargh! I nearly through the book out of the window - all that build up that just dribbles away to nothing.

She must be doing something right though as I keep reading them (despite swearing not to after the end of Into the Woods)

Pomegranatemolasses Sat 02-Jul-16 21:43:19

Utterly agree with all of this. I had to stop reading The Secret, ( is that the title, boarding school one?) as it got so boring and convoluted, but I do find something irresistible about her books.
Agree, Intothe Woods def gave me the rage - I felt so cheated!

Felascloak Sat 02-Jul-16 21:49:32

Oh I love in the woods. Rob is such an awesome character. I also liked the way she carried over some of the Rob/Cassie story into the likeness. I wish she would mention them again.
The ending is frustrating but I was mostly relieved that they hadn't been taken by a giant flying goat monster.
I really like faithful place too but it is so heartbreaking.
Who is her latest one about?

ChessieFL Sun 03-Jul-16 06:10:29

I actually really enjoyed reading In The Woods - I thought it was well written and I was enjoying the story, racing through it to get to the end to find out what happened. I think that's why I felt so angry and let down - if I hadn't enjoyed the book so much I wouldn't have been so disappointed with the ending. After that I was put off her books but then got given a copy of the boarding school one but I got bored and gave up halfway through. Therefore not tempted to try another of hers.

Felascloak Sun 03-Jul-16 08:23:55

Read it again chessie. It's not as annoying when you are prepared for the ending and easier to appreciate the subtlety of robs psychopathic nature grin
I didn't pick up at all that Cassie was pregnant til I read it a second time. That was very sad.

ChessieFL Sun 03-Jul-16 08:37:24

I might try it again when my massive to read pile hoes down a bit (which will never happen as I add at least two books for every one I read!!)

ChessieFL Sun 03-Jul-16 08:37:38

Hoes? Goes!

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