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The Crimson Petal and the White - amazon kindle £1.39

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spookyelectric Mon 20-Jun-16 15:29:03

The Crimson Petal and the White by Michel Faber is on Kindle Daily deal for £1.39 today.

I really like this book - I had it in solid book form and its a big thumper with small print which is awful with my aging eye sight. Was thinking of re- reading in the summer so great to snap it up on Kindle for a low price.

The story of a Victorian prostitute and the man (and his family) that she gets involved with - very interesting read ( as are most of Faber's books)

OliveOrTwist Mon 20-Jun-16 15:40:48

Thanks for the recommendation, I've been looking for something worth reading on my kindle so I'll download this tonight.

TCforTopCat Mon 20-Jun-16 16:53:25

Thank you, will download this for my holiday.
I read it ages ago and remember enjoying it immensely but it is too big to pack smile

Tinklypoo Mon 20-Jun-16 16:55:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

spookyelectric Mon 20-Jun-16 17:05:00

It is actually on "weekly deal" not daily deal soz

Room101isWhereIUsedToLive Mon 20-Jun-16 17:10:00

Oh good stuff, love this book. My copy went wandering a while ago so I am off to the kindle shop!

MermaidofZennor Mon 20-Jun-16 17:12:44

Tinklypoo - Have you read Fingersmith by Sarah Waters? I loved it, and have Crimson Petal lined up on my Kindle to read (not sure when, though smile)

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Mon 20-Jun-16 19:19:48

Oh excellent. I've read it before and loved it.

Have you seen the tv adaptation? I could only get through about 15 minutes - was true to the book but just didn't translate well to screen.

Tinklypoo Mon 20-Jun-16 19:21:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

spookyelectric Tue 21-Jun-16 16:04:14

Jack Maggs by Peter Carey is inspired by Dickens' Great Exprectations - if you want to stay in Victorian times.

If you like involved family sagas then I would suggest either Penmarric or the Wheel of Fortune by Susan Howatch - great reads with a template based on historical dynasties but updated to 19th and early 20th centuries.

Hopelass Tue 21-Jun-16 16:12:01

Ooh thank you! I read this in its massive paper form and also have the audiobook. Would love to read it again.
Felicia I did watch the tv adaptation and it did not get better after the first 15 minutes. I hoped it would but no.....

Hopelass Tue 21-Jun-16 16:13:55

Mermaid I've read fingersmith and thoroughly enjoyed it. Slammerkin by Emma Donohue (?sp) is also one of my faves.

fusspot66 Tue 21-Jun-16 16:15:32

The Crimson Petal is fab. Grab it!

spookyelectric Wed 29-Jun-16 17:30:53

Hopelass I agree - love Slammerkin (a very underrated book)

MorrisZapp Wed 29-Jun-16 17:32:19

Best book ever.

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