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Black Eyed Susans

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louisagradgrind Tue 24-May-16 23:30:10

No, I didn't realised how she had been kidnapped, why or for how long. I know the other Susans talked to her and I wish that they had said more about this in their ramblings.

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Canyouforgiveher Tue 24-May-16 16:30:49

disappointed here too (but had it from the library so didn't spend anything on it). I also never figured out what actually happened her during the time she was kidnapped. it was like the first draft of a story.

Northernpowerhouse Tue 24-May-16 16:29:23

Yes, another one very disappointed in this after such glowing reviews.

louisagradgrind Mon 23-May-16 20:38:03

Thank goodness others feel like this too. I wondered if I was becoming a little jaded!

I found the main character very irritating, the love story clunky and predictable and as for the character of Lydia...! It seemed as if the author had found a book of Fascinating Facts and decided that she would work them in to the novel by putting them in the mouth of this cardboard character.

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MermaidofZennor Mon 23-May-16 20:36:56

I haven't read it but nearly bought it last week. Glad I didn't now. I hated Disclaimer - badly written, poor story. Too many cheap thrillers out there. If you want a decent thriller writer I recommend Belinda Bauer.

TheMightyFoof Mon 23-May-16 20:21:21

I never usually leave books unfinished, but I did this one. One of the meh-est things I've read in years.

Plattertudes Mon 23-May-16 17:03:17

I also read lots of good reviews and I was also very disappointed, the description was poor and sentences and chapters were very short.

I also found the clunky construction of forward and backwards for 19 years chapter by chapter very irritating.

This was read for a book club so I will be interested to hear the other comments.

louisagradgrind Mon 23-May-16 13:01:26

I bought this in Waterstones, as it was on special offer: it was actually by the till and as I paid for my other books, they brought it to my attention.

The reviews on the cover sounded wonderful but I was hugely disappointed. It was convoluted, clichéd and unbelievable with massive gaps in the story.

I'm wondering if I'm out of sync with the rest of the reading world or if anyone also felt let down by it.

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