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BOOK SWAP The Final Thread

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kickassangel Sat 13-Jan-07 18:59:32


I have an email prepared to send out with the up to date posting list, but I am just waiting to hear from Dewmeadow & MarsLady.
Please send them here if you find them anywhere.

nikkie Sat 13-Jan-07 19:16:34


kickassangel Sat 13-Jan-07 19:36:32

Is everyone poised & ready to post? Can we all get to a post office by 22nd Jan?

If we make that our next posting date, then three weeks later is around the 14th Feb, is tha OK with everyone?

nikkie Sat 13-Jan-07 19:39:26

Ok here

WigWamBam Sat 13-Jan-07 21:32:28

That's OK with me.

I have four books here, KAA - do you want them one at a time or all four together?

kickassangel Sun 14-Jan-07 08:58:32

just send them on, wwb, i usually have several books on the go at the sme time.

WigWamBam Sun 14-Jan-07 12:08:12

OK, will do that then.

bresha Sun 14-Jan-07 12:08:52

thats fine with me

kipper22 Sun 14-Jan-07 14:29:20

sounds good

kickassangel Sun 14-Jan-07 21:56:19

ok, so next posting date is 22nd Jan.
We are still trying to get hold of dewmeadow & marslady - does anyone have any idea if they're likely to be in or out? if they've been consistently in until now, can we assume that they wish to continue?

kickassangel Mon 15-Jan-07 12:14:11


UCM Mon 15-Jan-07 12:19:43

Thats fine with me

UCM Mon 15-Jan-07 12:20:34

I am sure Mars is still in, but I seem to remember a thread with DM having some quite serious probs so probably not. I might be wrong though.

kickassangel Mon 15-Jan-07 17:15:37

OK - I shall assume that marslady is still in, but not dewmeadow. new list being emailed out soon!
thanks, ucm

MarsLady Mon 15-Jan-07 17:16:44

hello........ found you all on my lone.

Now am I still allowed as I was totally crap at sending to kipper22

kickassangel Mon 15-Jan-07 21:37:20

marslady hi!
lovely to hear from you. i presume you've read through this thread. I don't have your addy, but can you still send to kipper22, and ucm will send to you!

kickassangel Mon 15-Jan-07 21:56:01

ok, i think i have emailed everyone except mars lady. I didn't redo the order, just took out the names of people who dropped out & added in the late comers. IF you didn't get an email, let me know & i'll get back to you.

MarsLady Tue 16-Jan-07 17:24:46

my email is lovelymarslady at aol dot com. And with me one should never presume. lol I merely read the post below mine!

kickassangel Tue 16-Jan-07 23:26:19

ok, marslady, just keep sending on as usual, this time by the 22nd.

have just realised that suggesting the posting date makes it very hard to excuse myself if i post late - fmf, please don't tell on me if i'm naughty!

kickassangel Sat 20-Jan-07 19:53:52

posted my book this morning, can i remind people that the posting date is monday 22nd.

PanicPants Sat 20-Jan-07 19:57:34

Am I in this? Is this the follow up from the last one?

nikkie Sat 20-Jan-07 20:20:12

Did you get an email from KAA?

kickassangel Sat 20-Jan-07 20:23:17

panic pants, i didn't get an email from you - do you still want to be in? if YES, let me know asap - i've got your addy & where you were in the original list so could contact you sender & redirect the next book.

PanicPants Sat 20-Jan-07 20:54:45

No, didn't get an email, but would like to still be in it please!!!

I must have missed the posts relating to it.

kickassangel Mon 22-Jan-07 10:01:58

i will sort this out tonight.

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