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Between you and me - Lisa Hall (possible spoliers)

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SmokingGun Wed 27-Apr-16 18:14:48

Has anyone else read this yet? I really enjoyed it and in a way was very similar to Behind Closed Doors.

I totally did not see the twist. I got about half down the page on the chapter it was revealed thinking the author had made a couple of typos before I realised what was going on!! shock

nothruroad Wed 27-Apr-16 18:25:03

I read this as I like stories with a twist but I was so disappointed. I spotted it about half way through the second chapter. And I never see things like this. I still quite enjoyed it but though it was a bit clumsy. The two versions got a bit dull after a while.

SmokingGun Wed 27-Apr-16 18:50:29

Just out of interest, what was it that made you spot it? Quite a few people said the same thing on good reads.

madasamarchhare Thu 28-Apr-16 06:48:18

I really enjoyed this too. I didn't see the twist coming and I thought it was a good book to read after Behind Closed Doors.

SmokingGun Thu 28-Apr-16 09:40:56

I'm glad I'm not the only Onehare

nothruroad Sat 30-Apr-16 09:22:31

I thought the writing seemed a bit clumsy but couldn't work out why so I re-read a chapter and notice the repetition of Sal instead of she (or he as it would have been actually). That made me suspicious! I have never spotted a twist in my life before so am quite proud of myself - sorry if I seemed smug, it's just that this never happens to me!

Fallstar Sat 30-Apr-16 11:59:35

I hated it. I didn't expect to hate it, but I spotted the 'twist' very early on by the awful clunkiness of the writing.

I couldn't bring myself to trawl through it after that so read a little bit more, then skipped to the end. I don't usually spot twists, either, which made it even more disappointing!

SmokingGun Sun 01-May-16 12:40:21

I read through some random chapters again and see what you mean about not using he/she and how it makes it a bit odd but I hadn't spotted it at the time. I could have sworn that the little girl called Sal mummy at some point as well

lorshi Thu 27-Oct-16 05:31:52

Hi! I'm new here! I just finished reading Between you and me by Lisa Hall.

lorshi Thu 27-Oct-16 05:38:54

speaking of Between you and me. They said it's a nice twist but I can't find it. someone tell me what's the twist and which chapter is? I need your help everyone.

I remember Charlie said " Sal is beating him years ago" but I don't believe in him.

ChessieFL Thu 27-Oct-16 06:25:50

The twist is that Sal is the man and Charlie is the woman, but as you're reading it you're meant to think it's the other way round. Revealed right at the end.

ImperialBlether Sat 29-Oct-16 14:07:25

The twist is that the woman stabs the man and you think she's had enough of him being violent to her. Then you realise at the end that she was the violent one all along.

The use of names made it very clumsy. I didn't realise until almost the end, when Charlie's surname was mentioned and I thought, but it's Sal who's Italian... I was reading it late at night so probably didn't have my wits about me! I got very fed up with the names, though. I didn't realise Alex was a guy until the end, too - he's the guy that Charlie (I think!) is talking to in the student bar.

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