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Anya Seton - why isn't she better known?

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Bookridden Tue 26-Apr-16 20:08:26

Just read the less well known "The Hearth & the Eagle". Brilliant and it made me wonder why these books aren't better known and published under a modern classics imprint.

Orac Wed 27-Apr-16 14:08:46

Ah I used to love her books. Katherine was one of my all time favourites, I must have been about 17 when I read it in the 1970s. All my historical knowledge comes from Anya Seaton.
Not sure I'd like it now though, I haven't read historical fiction in about 30 years. Perhaps worth a try?

cressetmama Wed 27-Apr-16 14:34:35

They are still great, and cheap in charity shops, even if they have gone out of print. I think many are available for next to nothing for Kindles too.

BowiesJumper Wed 27-Apr-16 14:35:57

Oh I love her. Katherine and the Winthrop Woman are my faves.

Twitterqueen Wed 27-Apr-16 14:54:00

Katherine is way up there on my list of favourite books ever! I also loved Green Darkness. In fact I want to read it again right now but I think I gave it away.... boo hoo.

Clawdy Wed 27-Apr-16 15:36:11

Loved Avalon too, always remember that line "Oh Lord, he is my man now....." when her brother finds her in a rescue years later, and wants to take her back home, but she has settled in the new tribe. Must find it and re-read it!

niminypiminy Sun 01-May-16 19:18:56

Read loads as a teenager - Green Darkness, Foxfire, My Theodosia, The Turquoise are ones I remember - but my favourite was Katherine, which I still have a copy of and re-read from time to time. Gorgeous!

Seeline Sun 01-May-16 19:26:25

I first read Green Darkness as a teen, and re-read it several times over the years. I think it was the first book that made me realise 'historical' settings were rather interesting. I have gone onto love Barbara Erskine in particular. I don't think I have read any other of Seton's though. I shall have to investigate smile

FishWithABicycle Sun 01-May-16 19:31:11

Katherine is one of my all time favourites too but I tried a couple of others and didn't find them nearly as good so thought she was a one-hit wonder

kelpeed Wed 04-May-16 04:30:46

I had a run of seton books about 20 years ago but stopped. I thought the different books seemed to tell their story using the same voices /style of writing. each new book seemed more and more dragged out. have i rememebered this right?

Seton's goodreads page states that her books are well-researched,, but I am not a historian - just a reader - so not able to really judge if this is true of not.

How well does seton stack up against, say dorothy dunnet, sharon penman, rosemary sutcliff, philippa gregory or other writers of historical fiction? i mean in terms of historical accuracy.

Clawdy Wed 04-May-16 07:32:42

Not sure about the accuracy, but some scenes and bits of dialogue seem to have stayed in my mind when other historical novels have been forgotten by me, years later.

Madhairday Wed 04-May-16 07:49:13

I remember reading Green Darkness in my teens and being utterly captivated by it. Would love to read it again sometime. It was so evocative and brought the period to life for me and the added storyline of the now gave it extra interest.
I went on to read everything I could get my hands on, I remember the Hearth and Eagle and Avalon but particularly Katharine - I can still picture the characters of John of Gaunt, Blanche etc from that book as the descriptions stayed in my head.

Definitely ones to reread again I think.

WellThankYouAJPTaylor Fri 06-May-16 20:06:01

Read Dragonwyck years ago and loved it! Might try some more.

Almostfifty Fri 20-May-16 19:02:35

Katherine is one of the best historical fiction books ever written IMO.

hoochymama1 Fri 20-May-16 19:41:53

Oh, my gosh, I have loved this writer for yonks, my grannie gave me Green Darkness to read when I was an impressionable teen and it was awesome. I remember that she demanded it back after a while, so she must have loved it too. Good grief, I ended up married to a vicar, so it must have made an impression blush
Re read it recently. Real comfort stuff, will check out Dragonwyck. Thank you for this thread flowers

hoochymama1 Fri 20-May-16 19:43:03

Ooo, yes, yes to Katherine, too grin

whatamidoinghereanyway Fri 20-May-16 21:24:58

Just started Kathryn after stumbling across it in a charity shop and on recommendations here! I'll let you know what I think wink

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