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Does anyone know which book this is - colonial/post colonial novel with minor character called Ina?

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yesbutnobut Wed 06-Apr-16 10:20:01

DD (14) started a book at school which she needs to track down but she can't remember what it's called or what it's about!!! So if anyone can help I'd be most grateful!! Here's what she's been able to tell me so far:

The main character (male) is a writer in New York and he travels to a hot place somewhere (possibly in Europe) to make a film of one of his books. He is staying in a bungalow near the beach. He sends telegrams to a friend/colleague back in New York who he is waiting for (to work on the film). The protagonist has a girlfriend called Ina. In the blurb of the book there is a reference to a murder taking place. There are (Arab) wars going on in the background which are discussed in the news.

DD says it's a colonial or post-colonial setting. I've racked my brains but have no idea which book this is. Can anyone help?!!

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