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Stephanie Plum

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MimsyBorogroves Sat 26-Mar-16 20:08:40

I've been recommended this series, and a back search shows me that it gets good MN feedback too.

Question is, where stocks the earliest books in the series on kindle? I can't find them on Amazon. Help?

RedSoloCup Sat 26-Mar-16 22:48:18

Hi, I've read all of these they are great. Earlier novels are not available on kindle though, I would suggest reserving from the library if this is a facility open to you OR buying from Ebay clicky link

I accidentally stumbed on these (first one I read was 7 up when it was on a 3 for 2 deal in waterstones many years ago) and I've read them all.

I always get the new ones from the library though despite being an avid kindle reader as they are quite expensive (later ones are available on the kindle).


simpson Sat 26-Mar-16 23:05:41

The earlier ones are better imo but they are all good.

I also reserve from the library rather than buy as they are £££.

RedSoloCup Sat 26-Mar-16 23:10:37

Yes totally agree earlier ones are better, I always reserve the new ones as I want to know what happens next!! The film was pretty awful (One for the Money) but Janet Evanovich sold the rights years and years before the the books were popular.

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