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Kindle Ebook freebies?

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cjt110 Thu 10-Mar-16 11:22:37

Can anyone recommend a good kindle freebie to read? Just read a really good one called A Journal of Sin by Darryl Donoghue and fancy another good read. I like thiller, murder mystery/police type books.

magimedi Thu 10-Mar-16 11:27:32

Type free classics into the search bar when you are in Kindle books & about 400 pages come up! All free & loads of murder & mystery there.

Eg The Moonstone, The 39 Steps, Sherlock Holmes etc etc.

cjt110 Thu 10-Mar-16 11:32:18

Brill, thanks magimedi

LemonBreeland Thu 10-Mar-16 11:34:36

The best thing I did was sign up to Bookbub. You tell it what genre of books you like and it wil lsend you a daily email with free or very cheap books available. Then you can just click and order them.

cjt110 Thu 10-Mar-16 11:39:40

Searching for it now LemonBreeland smile

Quogwinkle Thu 10-Mar-16 12:02:09

I find ereaderiq better for searching for book bargains. Bookbub is quite limited, Daily Cheapreads is quite good, although they do send details of quite a few books with a religious slant as well, which you can ignore if you're not interested.

LemonBreeland Thu 10-Mar-16 13:48:29

I'll have a look at that one Quogwinkle thanks.

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