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kaytee66 Mon 29-Feb-16 14:03:02

I have a grandson who I love looking after and regularly have him at weekends. My daughter in law always says that she needs this time in order to clean her house that she lives in with my son. But she never's worse than a drug dealing squatters pad.
I popped in to see them and have a quick cuddle with my grandson over the weekend but they weren't in but I was let into the house by my other son who boards with them.
I went upstairs to use the toilet but was hit by the most disgusting smell so I followed my nose to my grandsons bedroom.
What I found in there left me absolutely speechless. There were over 30 dirty nappies strewn around his room. They were wrapped up in nappy bags but the room was stinking and disgustingly filthy. I have never been allowed into his room before and no wonder!
The worst thing happened next because I had got a black bin liner and was clearing the nappies and my daughter in law arrived home!
She tried to make excuses for her slovenly lack of hygiene and my son told me to "P* off".
I left the house but I don't know what to do now.... what is the best course of action for me so that I don't lose contact with my grandson?

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eitak22 Mon 29-Feb-16 14:57:51

I think you've posted in the wrong place, may be worth asking for it to be moved.

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