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something similar to I am Pilgrim please!

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pearlmummy Sat 20-Feb-16 23:31:17

Just finished it and couldn't put it down. Can anyone suggest something similar or that you'd think I'd enjoy as much.

ladydepp Sun 21-Feb-16 16:49:04

Have you read the Millennium trilogy by Stieg Larsson? The first one is Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. They are good page turners.

Or how about Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy?

pearlmummy Sun 21-Feb-16 17:45:05

Done millennium - loved those, and actually thinking about it there is the new additional one by new author. Haven't tried Clancy - i'lol give it a go! Thank you for the suggestion smile

cressetmama Sun 21-Feb-16 20:43:49

I've enjoyed all the above. Tom Clancy (choose the earlier novels he wrote himself) is the "Laureate of the Joint Chiefs". Slow starters but great burn, once you have sorted out who's who.

Non fiction history and politics might interest you: THE Looming Tower, and many others........

If you don't hate crime series, try the Michael Connelly Harry Bosch novels, or Peter May or Peter Robinson's Detective Banks, or Val McDermid, if you have a strong stomach.

everydayinMK Wed 24-Feb-16 21:29:23

I loved 'I Am Pilgrim' - fantastic book! starstarstarstarstar

If you want something similar, I would suggest you try the one the books clubs are calling 'the British I Am Pilgrim'. grin

It's the Scotland Yard version, set in London and Yorkshire, based on a real-life story and written by a real-life detective who actually chases terrorists for a living. shock So you get actual stuff that happened rather than the Hollywood made-up version.

It's a bit more gritty than 'I am Pilgrim'. The copper in it does lots of sex, drugs and rock n' roll and has many women on the go. blush. He's not your usual strait-laced hero!

I can't recommend this thriller enough to anyone who enjoyed Pilgrim...but this one has the added bonus of revealing an amazing theory at the end about a famous real-life event...wink



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