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Something exciting to keep me awake!

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PersisFord Sun 07-Feb-16 19:04:37

grin I have a horrible tendency to just drop off during night feeds, which ends badly as I have a windy baby who, if not thoroughly burped, pukes everywhere. I have solved this by reading exciting books, but I am now a bit stuck for what next. Ones that have helped are:

The hunger games trilogy (loved them)
Northern lights (prob my favourite books ever)
Elizabeth Peters Amelia Peabody books (so funny)
Terry pratchett
David eddings polagara etc books
Station eleven
All georgette heyer star
Nancy Mitford

I'll read any genre really although I don't like violence and I hate predictable "twists" (midnight rose, I am looking at you!!). They don't need to be impeccably crafted but can't be so badly written it's irritating. What they must have is punchy, quick-moving plots!!! I like funny books but it's not essential. And they can't be too hard going as it is for 2 am and I am not at my sharpest!

I would be very grateful for any suggestions!!!

Quogwinkle Sun 07-Feb-16 20:37:15

Have you read the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich? They start with One for the Money and I think there's 23 now in the series. The earlier ones were better written but are all cleverly plotted and often very funny.

PersisFord Sun 07-Feb-16 20:38:49

No, sound great! I'll have a look now! And 23 in the series is promising!

Thank you flowers

Footofthestairs Sun 07-Feb-16 20:39:34

Nick Pirog, v funny with Henry Binns and his cat. Also some witty crime novels too.

PersisFord Sun 07-Feb-16 20:47:37

Brilliant, thank you!

NotJanine Sun 07-Feb-16 21:12:42

I like to follow these recommendation threads.
Had a look at Nick Pirog on Amazon and there's a free kindle book, so just got that. smile

PersisFord Mon 08-Feb-16 02:35:55

Oh yes, me too!!!

LadyRoseMacClare Mon 08-Feb-16 02:44:09

The DCI Banks books are really good. Pretty sure they're by Mark Billingham

PersisFord Mon 08-Feb-16 02:47:52

Thank you, I'll put them on my list!

PersisFord Mon 08-Feb-16 02:48:34

grin even just this thread is keeping me awake pretty well!

Quogwinkle Mon 08-Feb-16 04:20:05

If you're looking for something that's really funny then I'd recommend David Sedaris. He writes funny stories about his partner and his family.

indyswoofer Mon 08-Feb-16 08:11:14

The DC Banks books are really good, agree with that one but author is Peter James - the first one of the series 'dead simple' is brilliant! Still think about it now years after reading!
Agree with you on Northern Lights trilogy - amazing. Will have to re-read!

PersisFord Mon 08-Feb-16 10:09:50

So exciting!! I've started the Henry bins one, brilliant so far!

Thank you all, I feel like a kid in a sweet shop!!

ChessieFL Sat 13-Feb-16 01:43:31

DC Banks books are Peter Robinson. Peter James writes about Roy Grace in the 'Dead.......' Series. Both good!

LadyRoseMacClare Wed 17-Feb-16 07:44:05

Haha too confusing! Mark Billingham is also very good smile

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