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Creating exhibition suitable for parents with babies, toddlers and children

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SophieLP Fri 05-Feb-16 11:48:41

Hello everyone,
I'm at the planning stage of organising an exhibition which will have modern art and historcial objects (its on the subject of the supernatural in history) for 2018 and want to make it parent & baby and child friendly. I went to exhibitions quite often when my sons were babies but have found it more challenging since they were toddlers (they are now 5 and 7). We will have some screens and interactive activities (writing on postcards) in the exhibition but I would be really grateful for any comments and advice on this topic on what you would like to find in an exhibition environment for it to be more convenient and more enjoyable
What have you really enjoyed in an exhibition that you have attended with small children? And what have they enjoyed?
What have you found frustrating?
If you have a baby with you what makes being in an exhibition space easier?
My 7 year old son is autistic so I will also be looking for ways to have autism friendly opening times, like the Science Museum and other museums are now organising, if anyone has advice or experience to offer on this topic too,
thanks for any comments,

outputgap Fri 05-Feb-16 13:11:02

Hi, we recently went to the Museum of London, to a section on the changing city I think. Didn't expect the smalls to like it but there was a small section about old kids tv, like Bill and Ben. There were related toys, stools to sit on, books, TV clips and lots of buttons to press. It was a fab place to look at the rest of the exhibition from. And as a heavily pregnant mum, I can't speak highly enough of seats and an area where the kids can play within the exhibition.

The mofLondon also has a nice little train section snuck in I think my dh said in the 20s/30s section. I think having stuff that occupies kids dotted throughout the museum/exhibition is great, because then you have a chance of moving them through and it's more interesting for them.

Mine are not bothered by special kids sections with colouring sheets or whatever. Not their thing.

And one of mine has suspected ASD. She likes quiet, so museums increasingly suit her. If you could turn off the hand dryers in the loos, we would go back and back!!

SophieLP Sat 06-Feb-16 18:10:09

Thanks, thats really interesting. I like lots of seats too! I think you're right that film clips are more appealing than colouring sheets (my kids do do the colouring sheets dutfully but always look as though they feel a bit patronised by grown-ups: its an exhibition on food, here is a picture of an apple to colour in) and my autistic son went through a stage of thinking being given pencils was an invitation to draw on the canvas (this was alarming to everyone in the Rothko room of the tate modern). I havent taken them to the Museum of London as we live north of london but would like to give it a go...

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