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German book suggestions?

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sleepychunky Tue 02-Feb-16 13:26:14

Hi everyone, hope you can give me some ideas. I'm part of a German book club that meets once per month. We've only been going since the autumn so it's all new, but is a mixture of real German people, people who have lived in Germany, and people who have studied German (I am the latter two categories). We are supposed to bring a suggestion to our next meeting of a book to read, but I don't know what to suggest! My degree was at Oxford so we read mainly old, long, classic things but the book club likes shorter and more modern reads.
Can anybody suggest anything I could take a look at? So far we've read Sternstunden der Menschheit (Zweig), Eine deutsche Leidenschaft namens Nudelsalat (Rafik Schami) and we're just reading Reunion by Fred Uhlman.
Any suggestions would be really welcome, thanks very much

Artandco Tue 02-Feb-16 13:31:41

It's in Swedish originally, but the German and English translations both good.

Kind 44. It's now a trilogy so you could go on the read the other two also ( although the first is the best). I believe it's a film now also for later down the line ( but I haven't seen)

prokupatuskrakedatus Tue 02-Feb-16 17:13:35

After checking our bookshelves:

Walter Moers
Wolf Haas
Gisbert Haefs
Heimito von Doderer
Heinrich Steinfest
Rupert Schöttle

ein bisschen krimilastig das Ganze ... and tastes differ of course.

MyFavouriteClintonisGeorge Tue 02-Feb-16 17:29:47

No up to the minute choices (I haven't used my German for years), but a favourite of mine is Justiz, by Friedrich Durrenmatt. This site has lots of suggestions.

tripfiction Tue 02-Feb-16 19:04:58

Well, a couple of suggestions here: you could try Look who's back (Er ist Wieder da, auf Deutsch) by Timur Vermes, it's satirical and good for debate!

And/or Therapy by Sebastian Fitzek

And/or The Collini Case by Ferdinand von Schirach

Finally Snow White Must Die by Nele Neuhaus

BlueEyeshadow Wed 03-Feb-16 12:03:55

MyFavourite has beaten me to it - was about to recommend New Books in German!

Elisabeth Herrmanns is another good Krimi author.

Some more suggestions:

Aufräumen by Angelika Waldis

Die Herrlichkeit des Lebens by Michael Kampfmüller

Aus den Fugen by Alain Claude Sulzer

sleepychunky Wed 03-Feb-16 13:05:37

Ooh thank you everybody! I will check all of these out and will be armed with suggestions by the time of our next meeting. I wasn't aware of New Books so that is a great resource

Danke alle!

mercifulTehlu Wed 03-Feb-16 13:09:03

Thanks for this thread OP. Another Oxford 'modern' linguist here. I'm not in a book club, but I'm always thinking that I should get back into reading in French and German, but never know what to choose!

crapfatbanana Wed 03-Feb-16 23:18:46

Something by WG Sebald?

cyrillicsquirrel Thu 04-Feb-16 09:10:35

I've only read it in translation, but 'Alone in Berlin' by Hans Fallada is a great book, and very thought-provoking so there'd be lots to discuss.

All Quiet on the Western Front - it's glorious.

DorothyL Sun 07-Feb-16 08:29:41

Max Frisch is fantastic - Stiller in particular

Daniel Kehlmann, Ruhm is good

Igneococcus Mon 08-Feb-16 12:16:40

Sten Nadolny' Selim oder die Gabe der Rede is a great book and I'm very fond of a book by his mother Isabella Ein Baum waechst uebers Dach.

Davros Mon 08-Feb-16 15:26:41

I was going to say Look Who's Back. I've only read it in English and it was serialised on Radio 4. Very funny and original

DapperDame Mon 08-Feb-16 19:42:05

Perfume and The Reader are two I've read (in English translation) that were fantastic.

Archfarchnad Mon 08-Feb-16 20:04:56

Er ist wieder da, as mentioned by tripfiction is totally to be recommended, according to my DD, and great for a book club as lots to discuss. We do have it, but it's on my 'to be read' list.

West Berlin in the 1980s: Herr Lehmann by Sven Regener.

East Berlin in the 1980s: Am kürzeren Ende der Sonnenallee by Thomas Brussig. I think Brussig is very funny. His Helden wie wir is also hilarious.

Jurek Becker: Jakob der Lügner

DH recommends Ingeborg Bachmann: Malina

Ingrid Noll: die Apothekerin

gingercat12 Tue 09-Feb-16 13:58:40

I second Durrenmatt.

Archfarchnad Tue 09-Feb-16 19:21:45

Can I have a vote against Dürrenmatt please. I found Der Richter und sein Henker immensely dull. It possibly didn't help that it was the set text for my Goethe-Institut Sprachdiplom.

gingercat12 Tue 09-Feb-16 22:45:00

Archfarchnad Yeah, I never liked any set texts grin. To be specific my favourite Durrenmatt novels were Die Physiker and Der Besuch der alten Dame.

MyFavouriteClintonisGeorge Fri 12-Feb-16 18:49:09

Really? I really liked Der Richter und sein Henker. And it was a set text for me too!

SecretSpi Sun 14-Feb-16 19:54:14

I don't know if it is too late, but what about 'Ein ganzes Leben' by Robert Seethaler. I have only read it in translation but it was excellent. It's set in Austria rather than Germany.

sleepychunky Thu 18-Feb-16 12:13:13

This month's club was cancelled so I have more time! Thank you all for these additional suggestions - so many to look at! I do agree with those against Durrenmatt, I'm afraid I didn't take to him when I was studying...

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