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Audible or something else? Tips please

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Chillywhippet Fri 29-Jan-16 09:31:07

So, inspired by the 50 books challenge, I'd like to listen to books driving to and from work.

Is Audible the best? Does anyone use a different system?

Any tips welcome as I don't have a clue blush

Sadik Fri 29-Jan-16 09:40:43

I've found that I can download audiobooks onto mp3 via our library website (for free). You get them for 3 weeks then they vanish (don't ask me how), but of course you can always re-borrow them if you've not finished.

I think most counties offer it as an option, it's a centralised service they subscribe to.

Quogwinkle Fri 29-Jan-16 10:03:27

Unfortunately not all counties do the audio book loans. I belong to two libraries in different counties (the joys of living on a border smile). One if them does audio books and ebooks and the other one does just ebooks.

Librivox is a good source of free audio books, available from their website and via iTunes. They are amateur narrators not professionals so the narration isn't always great, but some of them really are very well done. They are downloadable as podcasts which is slightly annoying in that they stop after 15 mins for the next one. But still well worth a go.

Chillywhippet Sat 30-Jan-16 19:29:40

Thank you both.
I will check out the local library.
I had never heard of Librivox so will check that out too

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