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Anyone know this book.

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SeoulSista Mon 18-Jan-16 02:18:42

Read it about 12, so probably YA fiction. A family heading west along a river (maybe with a wagon too) in pioneer America.

One of the characters (possibly a baby or toddler) was called Independentia.

Thought it might have been Children of the Oregon Trail but I don't think there is an Independentia in it.

Hopefully I am not conflating books, but if I am does anyone know of a book with that character's name.

Thanks Vipers

Sadik Mon 18-Jan-16 16:31:52

It sounds very much like Children of the Oregon Trail to me. I think I've got a copy somewhere, so I could see if there's an Independientia in it if that'd be helpful smile

FadedRed Mon 18-Jan-16 16:44:28

"The Children's Caravan" by An Rutgers van der Leoff.

Sadik Mon 18-Jan-16 17:57:48

I think it's just another title for Children on the Oregon Trail, looking at the wikipedia entry - a more direct translation from the original Dutch De Kinderkaravan. I can't find my copy now, but I'm pretty sure the baby is Indepentia.

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