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I like crime with a pathology / forensics focus e.g. Kay Sharpe that. Recommend me something new please.

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KeepPloddingOn Fri 15-Jan-16 00:55:51

I only really read crime. And I prefer things with a police/forensics partnership.

I have particularly enjoyed Patricia Cornwell Kay Sharpe that novels and Tess Geritsons Rizzoli and Isles novels. I've also enjoyed some of Lisa Jackson and Lisa Gardners novels.

Recommend me something to read next. Preferably a series of books where the character relationships develop. I'm currently trying some Stuart McBride but struggling to get into it.

hollinhurst84 Fri 15-Jan-16 01:21:19

Have you read the Bones ones?

HawkEyeTheNoo Fri 15-Jan-16 01:22:52

Stick with stuart mac ride, it's worth it. Ima Scottish cop so might be biased and can relate to "Lazarus"

KeepPloddingOn Fri 15-Jan-16 01:31:37

I tried a couple of the bones ones but I struggled to get into them after watching (and loving) the TV series.

It's weird tho cos it's exactly sort of thing I like - forensic expert leading the cops and doing their own thing...often ending up in teouble/danger.

I also quite like PI stuff - Sue Graftons Alphabet series.

KeepPloddingOn Fri 15-Jan-16 01:36:32

Ha ha.

I've just picked up my book to read and Logan has just been given the nickname Lazarus. How uncanny.

bookishandblondish Fri 15-Jan-16 04:28:03

Kathryn Fox is good - Australian pathologist crime. There's about 6/7.

ultimus Fri 15-Jan-16 04:57:11

Kathy Reichs is marvellous.

Quogwinkle Fri 15-Jan-16 06:33:27

It's only a one off novel, but you might like Rubbernecker by Belinda Bauer.

queenoftheboys Fri 15-Jan-16 09:36:23

Karin Slaughter?

cdtaylornats Fri 15-Jan-16 11:20:27

Karin Slaughters Sara Linton books are good

I enjoy Kathy Reichs books more than Patricia Cornwells, I like the Bones tv series as well - but other than a person called Temperance there seems to be no connection to the books.

Tess Gerritsen - Rizzoli & Iles series

bookbook Fri 15-Jan-16 11:26:28

Karen Rose is good

KeepPloddingOn Fri 15-Jan-16 14:36:27


Kathryn fox and karin slaughter look perfect. I'll look out for a couple and see how I go when I've finished this Stephen McBride.

Tess Geritsons - love the Rizzoli and Isles. Have read them all. Struggle to get into her standalones though which is why I'm looking for a new series of books.

I might try Kathy Riechs again. I know there are lots of those to plough through.

ultimus Fri 15-Jan-16 16:02:34

Karin Slaughter's books are quite disturbing. She seems obsessed with graphical, physical, obscene violence against women. It makes her books quite hard to read.

PolterGoose Fri 15-Jan-16 19:22:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

imsorryiasked Fri 15-Jan-16 19:49:42

Try Jeffrey Deaver, in order if possible.

fieldfare Fri 15-Jan-16 19:57:17

Kathy Reichs is one of my favourite authors as well as Karin Slaughter.

RhuBarbarella Sat 16-Jan-16 10:51:39

Val Mcdermid sounds right up your street, the Tony Hill serieswas the basis for the Wire in the blood tv series. Pretty grim though if you can handle Tess Gerritsen you should be fine. I never made it past the first Stuart MacBride, too bleak for me.

everydayinMK Sun 17-Jan-16 02:02:45

If you like real nitty-gritty police forensics stuff - the new debut police procedural thriller (with a twist) that's being raved about on the Facebook bookclubs is by a real-life detective, David Videcette. He writes thrillers based on his old cases. You get proper police knowhow and gory post mortems and stuff. I loved it. His new one is on Kindle for £1.99 here:

angelinalo Sun 17-Jan-16 09:52:42

Thanks for that link MK, looks great. Think I will treat myself!

And I know this isn't pathology focussed but if anyone likes assassin novels(!) then I heartily recommend the John Rain series by Barry Eisler. smile

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