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If I liked Kate Mosse's Labyrinth, what else is similar? Possible spoilers.

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Hygge Tue 29-Dec-15 06:18:24

I've already bought Sepulchre and Citadel but haven't taken to them quite as much, possibly because I unreasonably want to have Labyrinth all over again in a brand new book, also perhaps because they are based closer to now and I liked the historical parts of the Alais story in the 1200's.

I've also just been given The Taxidermist's Daughter and The Winter Ghosts for Christmas.

Really I'm looking for other authors of similar books now, a past story and a present story with some kind of link, possibly with some real historical events referenced.

Can anyone suggest anything?

Quogwinkle Tue 29-Dec-15 07:08:05

Have you tried novels by Barbara Erskine? DH has read a few and likes them. River of Destiny, and Lady of Hay are a couple he enjoyed. They are two time periods - one usually way back in Medieval times or even earlier, and one usually modern day. Similar format to Labyrinth, by the sound of it.

Tummyclutter Tue 29-Dec-15 07:27:15

I loved Labrinth too, have read all her others, only The Winter Ghosts left. Some took more effort than others, but I can't say I didn't enjoy them.

The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon might interest you, I'm currently on the 4th book in the series, and really enjoying them.

Have never read Barbara Erskine, but have also had them recommended to me. Seeing Quogwinkle suggest them too, means they will be going on my next to read pile.

Hygge Tue 29-Dec-15 15:37:35

Thank you.

I have read Lady of Hay, liked Matilda and the historical information very much, but I wasn't so keen on the modern day story SPOILER because of the way the woman was raped but still couldn't help falling in love with the poor misunderstood rapist man. That spoilt the book for me, it felt like a dated 1980's plot, which is when the book was written I believe, but I read the 25th Anniversary edition and felt it wasn't for me *SPOILER

I haven't read any of her others so I will look out for them, thank you. I wasn't keen on Outlander, I only tried the first book, but I do still have it as sometimes I like books more on the second reading, and I have had a couple of friends recommend the series.

I know my problem in finding something similar to Labyrinth is that I really want brand new but exactly the same, I enjoyed Labyrinth so much.

JT05 Wed 13-Jan-16 20:53:06

Winter Ghosts is a lovely story. The Taxidermists Daughter just does not have the same quality as previous books (IMO).

Fractiousfractions Wed 13-Jan-16 21:00:39

Maybe have a look at The Historian? Has a backwards and forwards narrative with nods to history (as you might guess from the title!). I'm not massively into vampire stories but enjoyed it a lot (in case you were put off by the vampireyness smile)

tripfiction Mon 25-Jan-16 18:45:43

I am just building a Pinterest Board with novels with an archaeological twist (as there is in Labyrinth), so maybe take a look and see if there is anything you fancy there:

emilybohemia Thu 28-Jan-16 04:18:36

The Winter Sea by Susannah Kearsley has similar themes, but different historical setting.

Hygge Thu 04-Feb-16 22:20:12

Triplication that's an interesting board, thank you.

Fractious I have read The Historian, didn't mind the vampireyness at all, and remember it as being very good.

Emilybohemia I will look out at for that one, thank you.

cosmicglittergirl Sun 07-Feb-16 17:19:04

I've read the Labyrinth and The Historian and enjoyed both.
Try novels by:
Kate Morton
Lucinda Riley
Rachel Hore
Katherine Webb
Not as creepy/suspenseful as labyrinth, but deal with different historical settings and switch between them.

Hrafnkel Fri 19-Feb-16 16:22:27

Past/present story intertwined - the virgin blue by Tracey chevalier. About medieval France/present day/virgin Mary myths/traditions. She's a great author.

Howaboutthisone Fri 19-Feb-16 16:27:21

I was just going to say Kate Morton. I love her books and actually prefer those to Kate Mosse (apart from the original Labyrinth)
The secret keeper is the most recent that I've read and I loved it.

sportinguista Sat 20-Feb-16 12:21:01

Have you looked at Katherine Neville's "The Eight" and the sequel, which the name eludes me at the mo although it did contain fire somewhere in it. It has the past/present thing going on but also an element of puzzle/mystery to do with chess (you don't have to be into chess to like it). It was published years ago but still a great read.

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