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Recommend authors please! Urgent

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Jux Wed 23-Dec-15 19:23:44

Dh likes

Neal Asher
Neal Stephenson
Joe Abercrombie
Joe Hill
Charles Stross (Laundry files, not the dreadful Merchants stuff)

He doesn't like George RR Martin, and we've got pretty well all the authors that come up close on literature map.

He likes big space odyssey battles etc. He likes the massive scope of Abercrombie. He likes a bit of horror.

He has all their latest.

Pls recomm an author or two. We were meant to go to Waterstones today, but I wasn't well enough, so I'm going to have to use Amazon.

Jux Wed 23-Dec-15 20:54:15

Please! Scifi fans!over 'ere grin

CoteDAzur Wed 23-Dec-15 21:29:02

You should have put "sci-fi" in the thread title grin

Cote recs which I enjoyed:

Red Rising and Golden Son
Ready Player One

CoteDAzur Wed 23-Dec-15 21:38:21

Get him the book Red Rising by Pierce Brown. You won't see him for two days while he devours it. He'll come back asking for more so you might as well get the sequel, too: The Golden Son.

My other (recent) favourites:
The Martian - Andy Weir
The Three-Body Problem - Liu Cixin (author) and Ken Liu (translator)

I'm a big Neal Stephenson fan, like your DH. If he doesn't have Stephenson's latest book Seveneves, you should definitely get that.

Only buy him, 'The Martian' if you hate him. It's dreadful and Cote is clearly bonkers for liking it. grin wink

CoteDAzur Wed 23-Dec-15 21:41:33

He's a Neal Stephenson fan. He will LOVE The Martian smile

You have much to learn, grasshopper Remus grin

Grasshopper? Is that a sci-fi reference that is above my head? smile

CoteDAzur Wed 23-Dec-15 21:45:54

That's a Karate Kid reference, actually. You had to be a teenager in early '80s, I guess grin

I was! Never seen that though, or even heard of it.

slugseatlettuce Wed 23-Dec-15 21:56:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheBestChocolateIsFree Wed 23-Dec-15 22:01:14

I agree, if he likes Stevenson he'll like The Martian. It didn't sell three zillion copies by accident, or indeed by a high profile marketing campaign, it sold them because the sort of people who like that sort of thing love The Martian.

Three Body Problem is interesting but a bit of a challenge.

Has he read Iain M Banks' Culture series? If not why not? Has he read Ben Aaronovitch's Rivers of London series? Because that's surely a no brainer for anyone who likes the Laundry novels.

Jux Wed 23-Dec-15 22:06:25

Thank you so so so much! I have got him a couple of your recommendations.

Naturally, he has just sat down and started looking at recent publications by his 'subsidiary' authors - those he likes but aren't in above list, I've got him a couple of those too.

Luckily, I have prime so they'll all be here tomorrow sometime.

I'm quite interested in Ready Player One myself so of course that's coming for him.

Incidentally, do you know of anything similar to the Laundry series?

Jux Wed 23-Dec-15 22:06:52

And at least he's updated his wish list.

Jux Wed 23-Dec-15 22:13:53

We have been reading Iain Banks in both his guises since The Wasp Factory was published!

Again, Aaronovitch has been almost a member of the family since the first was published. Actually, dh wouldn't believe me about this series, until dd had read it too, and then he gave it a go.

One problem is that I can't read Hardbacks (too heavy to hold for long) so we simply don't buy them and wait patiently for the paperback. I have Kindle but dh won't touch it so anything he might want to read too has to be got in paperback.

bookbook Wed 23-Dec-15 22:13:56

Robert Jordan - The Wheel of Time series
Kate Elliot - written a few series
Jim Butcher - The Dresden Files series

TheBestChocolateIsFree Wed 23-Dec-15 22:16:37

I thought Banks and Aaronovitch were probably too obvious to be true, but it was worth a shot grin.

TheBestChocolateIsFree Wed 23-Dec-15 22:18:51

What about Steven Baxter? Coalescent/Exultant/Resplendant/Transcendent might be his sort of thing.

And Ancillary Justice, which won the Hugo in 2014, was good.

CoteDAzur Wed 23-Dec-15 22:26:59

Re The Martian - I've been watching this hosted talk tonight between Adam Savage, Andy Weir (author of The Martian) and Chris Hadfield (Canadian astronaut who has been to space 3 times and commanded the ISS in his last mission). Hadfield is saying that there are several (very few) errors in the book but the mental process of the astronaut is perfect and feels completely authentic. This is exactly how an astronaut would behave in such a situation, apparently: He would work the problem. One problem after another.

Jux Wed 23-Dec-15 22:46:32

DH has all of he Baxters. I enjoyed Ancillary Justice but he didn't.

The Martian is one of the books I've ordered. It does sound good, and I shall be borrowing it from him for sure.

TheGoldenApplesOfTheSun Wed 23-Dec-15 22:51:25

The Vorkosigan novels by Louis McMaster Bujold. Cracking space opera!

HanSolo Wed 23-Dec-15 22:59:40

Can't believe no-one has suggested Dan Simmons (Hyperion, Fall of Hyperion, Endymion, Rise of Endymion)

CoteDAzur Wed 23-Dec-15 23:02:54

Oh yes, Hyperion is a must. I bet OP's DH has read it & sequels, though. He can't have missed them.

HanSolo Wed 23-Dec-15 23:04:37

Also Vernor Vinge (A Fire Upon the Deep, A Deepness in the Sky, The Children of the Sky)

LauraChant Wed 23-Dec-15 23:05:44

I was just about to say Vernor Vinge. Real space epic stuff.

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