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The Island by Victoria Hislop

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morningpaper Mon 11-Dec-06 22:03:59


this is DREADFUL

So many great reviews and it is just so bad I feel really sorry for the author

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StrangeTown Mon 11-Dec-06 23:30:50

Yes, I agree. Thought it was drivel, I don't know why I finished it tbh.

MistleToo Mon 11-Dec-06 23:49:01

I could just tell by the cover it wasn't me - am I shallow that I judge a book by it's cover?

sophiewd Tue 12-Dec-06 22:03:10

Sorry this has been bothering me all night. Why do you feel sorry for the author. you read the book you didn't like it but others did. I am sure she doesn't care one way or the other as she had her publishing deal, got good reviews so some people do like it. Isn't it good that we don't like the same thing otherwise the world would be very boring. I read Perfume becasue of the good reviews and I desperately wish that I could regain the time that I wasted reading it, but others raved about it, and I defifnitely don't feel sorry for the author as that is what he wanted to write. And yes I have read it and along with a number of my friends liked it.

MrsMuddle Tue 12-Dec-06 22:51:22

I hated it too. MP, do you mean you feel really sorry for the author because it was so badly written? I thought it read like it was written by a love-sick 14-year-old girl. Sophiewd, maybe it's one of these books that you either really love or really hate. It certainly provoked strong reactions in my book group...and not in a good way!

morningpaper Thu 14-Dec-06 09:19:42

oooh I felt sorry for the author because I think she could have written a shopping list and had it published, because everyone is going to give it good reviews because she has so many meeedja links

(her hubby is Ian Hislop)

but is is PAINFUL, I agree, like it was written by a teenager who is TRYING REALLY HARD

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morningpaper Thu 14-Dec-06 09:20:40

So yes I felt sorry for the author because it was never going to get the thorough vetting that a "normal person's" book would get - I really think it's painfully badly written and someone should have said NOOOOOOO! before it got published

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aDadOnAOneHorseOpenSleigh Thu 14-Dec-06 09:23:39

oh dear, it's sitting in my 'to read' pile!

batters Thu 14-Dec-06 09:24:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

aDadOnAOneHorseOpenSleigh Thu 14-Dec-06 09:25:11

Judge Judy yeah?

batters Thu 14-Dec-06 09:37:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

aDadOnAOneHorseOpenSleigh Thu 14-Dec-06 09:40:42

Anyway, it's reassuring to hear you say it's not so awful, because once a book is in my to read pile I try and see it through to the end, unless I truly truly can't get on with it.

theheadlessreindeer Thu 14-Dec-06 09:59:05

I agree its not fantastically written, but the story itself is quite moving imo

morningpaper Thu 14-Dec-06 14:19:30

I admit I have only read about 50 pages

Should I finish it? The story sounds GREAT but the writing is making me CRINGE

It reads like my dairies when I was 13

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batters Thu 14-Dec-06 15:11:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ipanemagirl Sat 22-Mar-08 17:59:26

Thanks for this link! I'm reading this at the moment and really enjoying the subject matter (leprosy and Spinalonga Greece etc) but HATING the writing style "This marked the death of innocence....." oh please.
Actually I think it is very badly written, it reminds me of all the chick lit I never read (sorry!).
Also is she writing in a kind of faux version of Greek as if translated directly into English? Oh Dear.
But great subject, I think that's why it's succeeded not necessarily her connections although the can't have harmed her. I couldn't find a single proper review of the book online.
But it is easy to read at least just slightly horrible in its style imo.
Glad I'm not alone!

S1ur Sun 23-Mar-08 03:04:07

Right. thank you. decision made.

I have this waiting for me to read and I keep picking it up and sighing so after this I think I'll just, put. it. down.

ipanemagirl Mon 24-Mar-08 15:02:23

To be fair to the author, I just finished this book this morning. And yes, I still found the style vile but it's a good saga and the subject of leprosy is fascinating as it Crete (which I know a little). So I think it is worth reading if you can ignore the way it's written! I'm sure I couldn't write a book and I bet if I did it would be written no better and probably far worse than this lass wrote hers!!!

Doobydoo Mon 24-Mar-08 15:17:01

Isn't she Ian Hislop's wife?Published on the strength of that probably.Read the back of it...that was enough.

dizzydixies Mon 24-Mar-08 15:22:10

is this the one about the lepors on the island?

if so then I also read it from beginning to end but was underwhelmed by it

BrownSuga Mon 24-Mar-08 15:24:59

I quite enjoyed it, and read it on holiday in Crete, and visted spinalonga while we were there.

Not great literature, but good enough for a holiday read.

dizzydixies Mon 24-Mar-08 15:26:37

agree, not mind blowing but fine for easy non comittal read - I think I was just expecting more of it!

ipanemagirl Mon 24-Mar-08 23:15:42

Brownsuga, what did you think of Spinalonga?

Ioanna27 Thu 22-Aug-13 15:10:47

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