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The Wife Meg Wolitzer - ending - possible spoilers

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knittingwithnettles Wed 28-Oct-15 20:52:56

ooh good, glad there is another one by her, also really enjoyed the other two.

Sleepingtom Mon 26-Oct-15 09:16:56

Just finished this and I loved it so much I feel compelled to write a post even though I usually just lurk.

I found out about Meg Wolitzer through this forum so thank you smile Have now read The Interestings and the Ten Year Nap but think this is my favourite so far. It is so funny and clever and slightly horrifying.

Anyway I wondered if anyone else had felt moved by the end - was the whole book her story or did that part of her go with JC? I will be thinking about that for a long time. It is books like this that made me wish I was in a book group.

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