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The kind worth killing…

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BlueBrightFuture Fri 16-Oct-15 15:41:01

About 31% in to the book. Really enjoying it. Totally sucked in… Was recommended to me here on MN.

Can wait to go home tonight and read, read, read… at the same time do not want to finish it too quickly…

I’m not sure if it is healthy (probably not) but I would happily meet up with Lily for a coffee, not so sure if I’d put Ted on my Christmas card list.

Anyone else read it and really liked the characters?

whatwoulddexterdo Sat 17-Oct-15 09:19:10

Yep, I really enjoyed it. A real good thriller. So much better than Gone Girl and the like. Just about to start his first book, The Girl with a clock for a heart.

BlueBrightFuture Mon 19-Oct-15 10:54:23

Almost done & I don't want it to end!

Still 15% to go... a lot can happen in 15%, so don't think I will get the ending I was hoping for... :-(

Will also have a look at his other work when I finish this book.

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