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Struggling to find next book.

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BlueBrightFuture Tue 13-Oct-15 10:25:16

Anyone read a good crime thriller lately? It doesn’t have to be new just good and Kindle format please.

There seems to be so little nowadays, I have the feeling that I have read most good stuff. (probably because I’m a tad picky).


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SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Tue 13-Oct-15 11:11:25

Have you tried JD Robb? She writes crime drama, around a central character, Lt Eve Dallas, set in New York in 2060. I love her characters and their flaws and interactions with others, and the relationships she builds up over the books (I am not sure how many of these she has written, but looking at my book case, it is at least 35.

They all have '...In Death' in the titles - the first one is Naked in Death.

BlueBrightFuture Tue 13-Oct-15 11:29:10

Will have a look thanks. I'm normally not so keen on books set in the US except for S King. Started reading I'm a pilgrim but abandoned it because I found it too American.

See I’m picky….

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magimedi Tue 13-Oct-15 13:30:00

Am exactly the same as you, OP. Feel as if I have read them all! And I don't like American crime much.

Here's a list of (some) of my favourite authors - maybe you haven't read some of them?

Susan Hill - Simon Serrralier series

Donn Leone - Brunetti series, set in Venice. The earlier ones are the beat.

Barbara Nadel - have only read her Inspector Ikmen series, set in Istanbul, but she has another series set in East End of London (which I tried & didn't like as much).

Arnaldur Indridason - Scandi crime, very good.

Harry Bingham - DI Fiona Griffiths series - have read the first 3 & am waiting for the fourth to come down in price a bit.

Ian Rankin - am sure you have read him, but have to put him on a favourites list.

Alex Gray - Set in Glasgown with Inspector Lorimer. Not as good as some of the above but not bad at all!

Would love to hear back if you can recommend any!

slugseatlettuce Tue 13-Oct-15 13:35:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Amblingaround Tue 13-Oct-15 13:45:21

I really like Fred Vargas' Adamsberg books. She is a French writer, the books are translated. I first read a later one in the series before going back and reading the earlier ones, and enjoyed them all. The books are a little strange. I found them refreshingly different.

tripfiction Tue 13-Oct-15 16:37:22

Crime thrillers: here are a couple we have featured lately:

Baptism by Max Kinnings - guaranteed to make you wary if you get on the tube in London

The Defenceless by Kati Hiekkapelto

Check out Crime Fiction Lover on Facebook, they are always bringing new titles to the fore, and giveaways etc

snowgirl1 Tue 13-Oct-15 16:47:04

You by Caroline Kepnes. Believe it was named 'Thriller of the Year' by The Daily Mail - but don't hold that against it.

snowgirl1 Tue 13-Oct-15 16:48:02

Have you read 'Girl on a Train' that's set in the UK?

thebestfurchinchilla Tue 13-Oct-15 16:49:43

The shadow of the wind- Carlos luis zafon

lovemyway Tue 13-Oct-15 16:51:13

Never Look Away by Linwood Barclay scared me!

lovemyway Tue 13-Oct-15 16:51:42

I should add that I couldn't put it down.

slugseatlettuce Tue 13-Oct-15 17:33:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hackmum Tue 13-Oct-15 18:42:41

The new Robert Galbraith (JK Rowling) is coming out next week so that will probably be good. Have you read the first two?

BitOfFun Tue 13-Oct-15 18:46:12

Have you read The Kind Worth Killing ? I loved it, and I was really in the doldrums with my crime thrillers. It's so fast-paced and compelling.

BitOfFun Tue 13-Oct-15 18:47:24

Here it is.

Laska5772 Tue 13-Oct-15 18:48:04

I was recommended Sarah Hilary .. Someone Else's Skin.. liked it a lot and have just finished her second book No Other Darkness.. cant wait fo rher third now!

whatwoulddexterdo Tue 13-Oct-15 19:44:46

I was just about to recommend the kind worth killing but I see it's already been mentioned. I really enjoyed this. Am just about to start his debut book, The Girl With A Clock For A Heart.

stardusty5 Tue 13-Oct-15 19:56:00

Was going to recommend the Susan Hill Simon Seraillier series but someone has beaten me to it!

BlueBrightFuture Wed 14-Oct-15 10:20:52

Thank you so much for all your recommendations, very much appreciated!

Downloaded a few books to start with;

The kind worth killing


Never look away

Also getting Shadow of the wind but not sure if to download the first book only or get the series. Sounds a bit different but would be nice to get in to another series, have not found one I really get in to since the Dragon Tattoo.

Already read the Serrailer series, really enjoyed those and the two Sarah Hilary books, did not know there was a third one coming up. Will definitely look out for the next one… Also read Ian ranking…

Thanks again for your suggestions .. so nice to have a well stocked Kindle now I can disappear in my reading corner whilst the DC watch yet another program on the telly that does not interests me…

Really appreciate it. thanks flowers

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