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The Go Between

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SuperScribbler Wed 30-Sep-15 16:36:12

Heads up that The Go Between is £1.90 on kindle today.

Itsbloodyraining Wed 30-Sep-15 16:40:09

What is it?

gonegrey56 Wed 30-Sep-15 16:43:34

Annoying, as I bought it for much more last week (still worth every penny though) - one of my all time favourite books ...

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Wed 30-Sep-15 16:47:04

One of my favourite books. Very atmospheric (the recent BBC adaptation really didn't capture the heat).

SuperScribbler Wed 30-Sep-15 16:55:36

I studied it for my A level Eng Lit back in the Dark Ages so it's about time to revisit it.

MrsMilkyMoo Wed 30-Sep-15 17:10:06

An a level English lit favourite here too! (1997)

SkaterGrrrrl Mon 02-Nov-15 21:31:07

It's a wonderful novel about a young boy who goes to spend the summer with a wealthy school friend and his outsider's take on the family and all their dramas. A very famous opening line and beautifully written.

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