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Agatha Christie - Miss Marple, where should I start?

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flipdoodle Tue 22-Sep-15 16:43:20

Never read any, any recommendations?

HarrietVane99 Tue 22-Sep-15 16:48:00

The Body in the Library and The Murder at the Vicarage are the ones which establish Miss Marple' s character and methods.

flipdoodle Tue 22-Sep-15 17:03:10

Thanks smile After the set up, is there any need to read the others chronologically? Are there any particular later ones that are classics?

OurBlanche Tue 22-Sep-15 17:09:37

No. Just read through them as you find them. Bertram's Hotel and Nemesis are the last novels, though there was an earlier book published later. There are also the short story collection. But no particular need for chronology.

It's a little different with Poirot, start with Mysterious Affair at Styles and then just watch out for his first retirement, Roger Ackroyd, and the return. But as Aggie didn't get that time line right, even that doesn't really matter

flipdoodle Tue 22-Sep-15 19:21:45

Cheers smile

Clawdy Tue 22-Sep-15 21:18:18

There are some good short story collections too. Lots of good stuff ahead!

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