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I am looking for people to review my first novel

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Anxietyauthor Fri 21-Aug-15 20:55:54


Hello everyone,

I recently published my first fiction novel which deals heavily with anxiety as an illness. I myself have anxiety which is why I wrote the book.

I am looking for people to read the book and give me feedback. Is there anyone who would be interested in doing this? It's about 200 pages long and currently only in E-book format. I am sorry, but I cannot pay you for your time (well unless the book does well!).

Please post any questions/ comments here.

(Sorry if I'm in the wrong section!)

fourpawswhite Fri 21-Aug-15 21:00:23


I would love to.

Avid reader, happy to help. If you pm me with link or your email address.


Arion Fri 21-Aug-15 21:45:47

I'm happy to help / read also. Just let me know

coveredinsnot Fri 21-Aug-15 21:46:43

Me too. Pm me with your email

Doobydoo Fri 21-Aug-15 21:49:07

Would be very interested to read thissmile

Alfabetibisgeti Fri 21-Aug-15 21:56:27

I'd love to help! I suffer with anxiety though it's not too bad at present and reading is my escape route.
If you still need help please pm me.

Penfold007 Fri 21-Aug-15 22:01:08

Happy to help, love a new author,

BonesyBones Fri 21-Aug-15 23:14:08

Would love to, if you don't have enough people already, both me and dp suffer anxiety and have long family histories of it on both sides.

cherrytree63 Fri 21-Aug-15 23:16:19

I'd be really interested in reading this and giving you feedback too.

tessiegirl Sat 22-Aug-15 16:37:05

I'd love to help you too! I also suffer from anxiety so would be very interested in reading a novel on the subject. I also write fiction so appreciate how much time and effort goes into writing! Well done you! smile

Anxietyauthor Sat 22-Aug-15 17:17:21

Wow! I am really impressed by the response so far! I thought I was going to be told off for posting on the wrong board!

I have pm'd you all!

lougle Sat 22-Aug-15 17:53:52

I'm happy to give it a read if you still need people.

LittleMissIntrovert Sat 22-Aug-15 17:54:57

I too suffer from anxiety and would be happy to help smile

Sharpkat Sat 22-Aug-15 17:55:39

Add in me grin

JeffsanArsehole Sat 22-Aug-15 17:56:09

Yes, would love too smile

And wishing you lots of luck flowers

readyforno2 Sat 22-Aug-15 17:56:40

I would love to help. Just finished a book last night so need a new one

cariadisnaehappy Sat 22-Aug-15 17:56:48

Would love to please PM me smile

lisa2104 Sat 22-Aug-15 18:04:52

Hi there, I just chanced upon your thread and am very interested. I suffer from anxiety and would love to read your book and am very happy to give feedback. Please let me know.

Perfectlypurple Sat 22-Aug-15 18:12:13

I would give it a try. Another anxiety sufferer here.

U2HasTheEdge Sat 22-Aug-15 19:28:09

Sufferer here too. I am happy to read it as well. Would love to, actually.

PipersOrange Sat 22-Aug-15 19:34:42

If you need another person I'd be more than happy to smile

FiveShelties Sat 22-Aug-15 23:03:22

If you are still looking I would love to read it.

Good luck with it and hope you get some excellent reviews.

readyforno2 Sun 23-Aug-15 08:51:18

I really enjoyed your book anxiety, have left a review. Keep me on the list for the next one!

AlbusPercival Sun 23-Aug-15 08:54:55

Would love to, always looking for new things to read

Have in the past spent time on a unit for people with MH issues, so have an understanding.

tiggyhop Sun 23-Aug-15 14:36:07

would love to read it.

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