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anyone read The Harry Quebert Affair ?

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ShortandSweeter Wed 19-Aug-15 08:40:47

What did you think? Am I missing something?

IndridCold Wed 19-Aug-15 13:27:16

I read it in the original as it was a good easy read, and good practice. I (and the rest of my French group!) thought it was utter crap and bollocks. Derivative, totally unbelievable and way way too long. I cannot believe it won any prizes as it was nothing more than a beach read, and not a particularly good one at that.

< and breathe >

notnowImreading Wed 19-Aug-15 13:34:26

I'm just under half way through and finding it bizarre - wondering whether there's a problem with the translation because the writing seems so very bad. Indrid what do you think?

I'm finding the characters massively unbelievable, particularly Mrs Quinn.

IndridCold Wed 19-Aug-15 13:43:18

I haven't seen the translation notnow but the original was certainly no work of literature.

I spent the whole book wondering how Harry became one of the USA's most celebrated literary giants on the basis of writing only one book, and a rather weedy love story, with the theme of underage sex at that confused.

ShortandSweeter Wed 19-Aug-15 17:08:14

glad it's not just me. I finished it with a sense of relief rather than exhilaration or satisfaction. I do think the translation is partly responsible.

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