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The girl on a train

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Selenaisabumface Mon 10-Aug-15 15:23:04

I just finished it. It reminded me of how i felt when i read magpies. Easy read but couldn't put it down. Any others you'd recommend lile that? Not gone girl. I saw the film so the twist is spoiled.

98percentchocolate Mon 10-Aug-15 15:31:14

I love this genre and particularly TGOTT, so some of my recommendations are "disclaimer", "the lie", "I let you go" (one of my favourites so far), and "how I lost you" (fantastic read).
Will be watching the other answers closely too!

98percentchocolate Mon 10-Aug-15 15:32:52

Have a look at Rachel Abott too, great author

Ahardmanisgoodtofind Mon 10-Aug-15 15:34:18

I enjoyed Gillian Flynns(gone girl) other books,at the end of the kindle editions was a recommended reading list that had some good suggestions too.

Selenaisabumface Mon 10-Aug-15 15:38:27

Thanks for quick replies. I literally finished TGOTT last night and wanting more! Have started hyacinth girls by Lauren Frankel which seems ok so far. Definately hinting a twist. For others reading who like a twist, the best i ever read was We need to talk about kevin. I literally gasped!

Stellar67 Mon 10-Aug-15 18:52:02

Loved We Need to talk about Kevin. An older book with a twist is The Wasp Factory.
Any Chuck Palahniuk.

hackmum Mon 10-Aug-15 22:00:08

The Good Girl by Mary Kubicki is a similar kind of thing. Also the various Nicci French books.

Lordofmyflies Mon 10-Aug-15 22:17:28

I let you go by Claire Macintosh and The Bones of you by Debbie Howells.
Both good thrillers with a twisting storyline.

Clawdy Mon 10-Aug-15 22:18:20

The Burning Air - Erin Kelly. For me,one of the best twists ever. Well-written too.

Trebushay Mon 10-Aug-15 22:24:20

Have you read Before I go to sleep I preferred it to the film a real page turner

SingingTunelessly Tue 11-Aug-15 07:12:21

I agree about 'I Let You Go'. Never saw that twist coming at all. shock Really enjoyed 'Before I Go To sleep' as well.

98percentchocolate Tue 11-Aug-15 10:01:29

Yy to the twist in "I let you go", I actually swore when I read that - DP wondered what had happened!

happygirl87 Tue 11-Aug-15 10:04:54

One of Gillian Flynns other books- think it's called dark shadows?

TeaCupCrazy Tue 11-Aug-15 18:58:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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