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Anyone recently finished last maze runner book? Spoilers

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Selenaisabumface Mon 10-Aug-15 15:21:09

I have a question i need the answer to. At the end brenda def knows more that she lets on and seems clued up about the plan b. is the author insinuating she is the chancellor in disguise? Or did i get that wrong?

motherwithheadache Sat 15-Aug-15 09:18:16

This is my dd's reply by email:

1. if you've taken my book and damaged it in any way then you'll have to get me a new one and
2. WHAT????? Brenda isn't the Chancellor, actually her and Jorge are just workers from WICKED sent to be variables for Thomas in the scorch (phase 2) but are secretly working against WICKED.
Oh, and the Chancellor isn't that bad, it's ratman who is evil

Selenaisabumface Sat 15-Aug-15 18:30:48

Fab answer. Tell her thank you. It just seemed to allude right at the end that brenda was in on the big secret plan b. plus the chancellor told thomas the escape plan which brenda also seemed to know. I though it may have been hinting.

motherwithheadache Sun 16-Aug-15 11:33:48

Email from my dd (I watched the movie but couldn't get into the books...):

just because Brenda knew about the plan like ALL THE OTHER WORKERS AT WICKED doesn't mean she's the Chancellor!!!

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