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trying to find a book

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littlered87 Thu 06-Aug-15 09:33:53

hi all, a friend suggested I ask you all to help me find a book, as google isn't helping me and real people might be better

all I can remember is what the book is about but no the author or the title

, which is civilian life around war time im think in britian but could be America, had little tips that girls used to do like how to make your lipstick last or make your own whatever, hd sample pictures of wht the ration books looked like, I know this isn't much detail which is prob why google isn't helping. I keep trying to remember more

Hygge Thu 06-Aug-15 18:10:24

It's not a Laurie Graham book is it?

Perhaps The Future Homemakers of America? I think that was set in Britain but was about American Armed Forces wives.

It's been a long time since I read it, so I'm not sure if it matches what you remember of your book.

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