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Authors like Tana French or Val McDermid

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Mickeysmonkey Mon 27-Jul-15 03:35:02

Hi - I have finished all of Val McDermid and Tana French's books and loved them, and I'm now looking for some recommendations. Any ideas? I've read Gillian Flynn's books and didn't rate them that highly. Girl on the Train - meh. Saw the twist from a mile away..

CloserToFiftyThanTwenty Mon 27-Jul-15 04:08:05

Ruth Rendall?

siobhancx Mon 27-Jul-15 13:26:01

Belinda Bauer

BestIsWest Mon 27-Jul-15 14:42:32

Anne Cleeves, both the Shetland series and the Vera books.

WorktoLive Mon 27-Jul-15 20:29:12

Peter James's Roy Grace books.

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