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Any Anita Brookner fans?

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florentina1 Sat 11-Jul-15 20:30:54

I have just read Falling Slowly which I loved. Any one else read her? Any recommendations for her books or similar writer?

mysteryfairy Sat 11-Jul-15 22:49:09

I haven't read any Brookner for 20+ years but at the time I also liked Barbara Pym.

Pussycatbow Sun 12-Jul-15 16:05:30

Love her and have read most of them. Her best is Hotel du lac, IMO.

LassUnparalleled Sun 12-Jul-15 17:18:42

I loved Hotel du Lac but it all got a bit samey after that.

choccyp1g Sun 12-Jul-15 17:22:40

I found Bernice Rubens a bit similar.

florentina1 Sun 12-Jul-15 18:05:11

Thanks, listening to hotel du Lac on audible at the moment. I love her writing, and Anna Massey really gets the tone spot on. Will try Bernice Rubens and Barbara Pym.

dirtyprettything Tue 14-Jul-15 12:41:46

I love Anita Brooker, my only problem is her titles don't tend to stick in my head.... I loved Undue Influence; Falling Slowly & The Rules of Engagement

do check out the books published by Persephone; particularly Dorothy Whipple

HerBigChance Tue 14-Jul-15 13:47:37

Yes, her stuff is great, although I haven't read it for a long time. Always a sense of quiet longing about her books.

Barbara Pym is a recentish discovery for me and is terrific.

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