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Disaclaimer by Renee Knight - dont bother it is shit

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TealFanClub Mon 29-Jun-15 16:27:32

the hype is WAY unjustified

sparkysparkysparky Mon 29-Jun-15 16:48:30

Agree. It was predictable and didn't move the plot very well.

LittleMouseontheDairy Mon 29-Jun-15 17:20:06

Agreed, I abandoned it in the end.
Am reading I Saw A Man by Owen Sheers instead which (so far) is completely compelling.

TealFanClub Sat 04-Jul-15 20:00:26

she must have a good agent - lots of people are recommending it!

It is in the TImes today

southeastdweller Sat 04-Jul-15 21:39:18

Good agent, eye-catching cover, and a great marketing department at her publishing house.

I was all hmm when I saw this morning in the Times it was recommended as a summer read.

WinnieTheWilt Mon 06-Jul-15 20:10:06

Yes it was utterly shit disappointing.

2rebecca Wed 22-Jul-15 10:54:58

I really enjoyed it and the ending made me cry.

BringMeTea Thu 13-Aug-15 05:58:00

Well, it was a bit weird but I was happy she ditched Robert!

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