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Stone Mattress by Margaret Atwood 99p on Kindle today 8 June

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NadiaWadia Mon 08-Jun-15 02:33:37

Today's Kindle Daily Deal includes Stone Mattress: Nine Tales by Margaret Atwood (short stories). I've not seen a good Daily Deal for ages!

Hope the link works.

TheKitchenWitch Mon 08-Jun-15 02:46:07

Thanks for the tip!

Trumpton Mon 08-Jun-15 02:51:25

Thank you. I have bought it.

BastardGoDarkly Mon 08-Jun-15 03:05:58

Thanks, I've just bought it smile

98percentchocolate Mon 08-Jun-15 09:45:59

Just bought it - thank you!

alteredimages Mon 08-Jun-15 13:55:35

Brilliant, thanks. smile

These tips are really useful because the daily deals just moulder in my inbox now. I always miss the good ones!

Thurlow Mon 08-Jun-15 13:58:21

Fab - thanks!

UseHerName Mon 08-Jun-15 21:09:37


Maybe if this sells a lot amazon will do some good daily deals for a change! They haven't been great since I got my kindle Xmas 2012 ish

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