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Could we have another fanfiction chatty thread?

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Takver Mon 01-Jun-15 21:41:15

I think the one from a little while back must have been in chat (or else I'm being crap - in which case can someone point me to it). I'm also feeling flu-y and snotty, and could do with something amusing to read, so any recommendations welcome smile

WanderWomble Tue 02-Jun-15 12:42:46

What fandoms are you in?

Some very well written Supernatural fic-

LurcioAgain Tue 02-Jun-15 12:51:29

Good point about fandoms - I find that most fanfiction isn't good enough to sustain my interest when I'm not already into the source material - which is why I'm always blown away by stuff which is so good that it can actually get me into stuff I hadn't read/seen before... Along those lines, there's a writer on AO3 called JWAB who co-authored a Sleepy Hollow epistolatory fic called "Yours, Ichabod" which is so good it got me to borrow the box set of series 1, having never seen it.

One in my main fandom (Lord of the Rings) which I think could be good enough to pull in people from outside is a brilliant AU noir-ish thriller, very, very dark and violent, called "Fighting the Spiders" by Telemachus (again on AO3).

Takver Tue 02-Jun-15 12:55:07

grin That'd be a helpful start, wouldn't it!

Not Supernatural, sadly (don't know it at all) - but I read stuff from Buffy, HP, Firefly. I love a good Mortal Instruments / Infernal devices fic but they're thin on the ground amongst the sea of high school AU stories.

Some of my favourites are from books I loved as a child/teen - so Swallows & Amazons, Dark is Rising (the series where Bran becomes a high-up Plaid Cymru politician always amuses me), the occasional Narnia fic. I also like well written random crossovers (Frodo Hill, or this just for example)

TheRoseAndTheFire Tue 02-Jun-15 12:57:25

I'm an avid fanfic reader. What fandoms are you into OP?

What do you like? AUs? Slash? Het?

Takver Tue 02-Jun-15 16:19:33

I read all sorts of things, TheRoseAndTheFire - tends to depend on the pairing. I'd tend to say I'm not wildly into slash, but will happily read a good story (love lots of Sara's girl's fics, for example).

A few things I've enjoyed recently: "The Fred Weasley Memorial Scholarship", "Full Circle" (and various others) by ashesandhoney, "The Invitation" by Hot_elf

Takver Tue 02-Jun-15 20:45:31

Do you write as well, either of you? I dabble, just recently starting posting stuff with DD's encouragement (which does limit my romantic scenes, rather grin )

WanderWomble Tue 02-Jun-15 22:55:56

I write.

Some of it is bloody awful and I'm crap at finishing stories.

LurcioAgain Tue 02-Jun-15 23:08:21

Sara's Girl is fab!

Will pm you my fanfic ID! (I tend to keep my online life compartmentalised - there are one or two people on here who know who I am in RL, and people in my fanfic circle who know that too... but I don't want to be widely outed - largely an issue of really not wanting to have that "so, you write explicit erotica?" conversation by the watercooler in work!)

TheRoseAndTheFire Tue 02-Jun-15 23:19:28

I adore Sara's Girl. 'Turn' is my head canon.

I used to write a bit, mainly in the HP fandom but haven't for ages. My writing is mainly on my LJ account which I won't link to as it may well out me!

Takver Wed 03-Jun-15 20:18:53

Thanks, Lurcio! I look forward to reading very much. Totally see where you're coming from with not wanting to discuss your erotica over the watercooler.

I also keep my fanfic pretty quiet, though purely on grounds of quality - it's a very long time since I've written anything more creative than 'Ten Top Tips to grow the Perfect Cauliflower' grin (That's mainly why I like writing TMI fics - too many fandoms I read other people's work and give up in despair . . .)

TheImprobableGirl Fri 10-Jul-15 17:39:10

That Fred Wensley memorial scholarship was really goos

TheImprobableGirl Fri 10-Jul-15 17:40:02

Sorry- really good! But I felt a bit tryhard on fitting EVERY type of sexuality into one fanfic...

Takver Sat 11-Jul-15 16:22:52

Its very true, definitely a case of over-egging the pudding. I liked it all the same, though.

TheImprobableGirl Sat 11-Jul-15 16:48:59

Do you have any other recommendations? That was really well Written- didn't get much work done though wink

Takver Sat 11-Jul-15 19:13:38

I've just read The Fire and the Rose recommended on a recent HP thread. Its Snape/Hermione, which I normally would stay well away from, but very, very funny and well written.

If you fancy something short and funny, I like Mary P: A Memoir.

TheImprobableGirl Sat 11-Jul-15 20:46:30

A Snape and hermoione? Interesting mix! I found a really good sirius/petunia affair fanfic, it was amazing but can't find hide nor hair of it since sad I always end up finding Harry/Ron homosexuality fanfics, which is more irksome than anything else!

Takver Sat 11-Jul-15 20:55:49

grin - that's not a problem I've had.

If you're a Dr Who fan, you might like this HP/DW crossover

TheImprobableGirl Sat 11-Jul-15 21:19:58

Am getting through the fire and the Rose, but it's very good! Will move onto the hp/Dr crossover after grin I feel like I've found my spiritual home! Although my sims hp family are going to be neglected sad

Takver Sun 12-Jul-15 09:56:11

Here's the thread that one came from, I think there were a few other recommendations on there smile

gloominousdoom Mon 13-Jul-15 21:50:25

I'm not sure if any of these have been mentioned on the previous thread, but my top three are:

Buffy - the best one I've ever read was by KnifeEdge. It gets a bit ... steamy ... in the later chapters, but West of the Moon, East of the Sun is an amazing alternative (Dawn free, Spuffy) Season Five. Wonderfully plotted, nice and long, all of the characters spot on -- it's very satisfying, and also very funny in parts. Everything I loved about the show but somehow magnified grin She also writes stuff for Once Upon A Time, Labyrinth, etc. All very good.

Harry Potter - Theowyn of HPG wrote two fics about Snape as Harry's mentor. Again, very well plotted, unsentimental but extremely satisfying!

And if you're feeling flu-y and reading is hard work, how about a web comic? Girls Next Door is the side project of a published artist. 200+ beautifully drawn and very well written panels. It's about Christine (Phantom of the Opera) and Sarah (Labyrinth) being college roommates - the Phantom and the Goblin King live in the apartment downstairs. The entire building is populated by fictional characters who occasionally break the fourth wall and acknowledge that their circumstances are impossible, allusions to 'fanservice' having no power over them, etc.

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