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Featured non-fiction title Sophia: Princess, Suffragette, Revolutionary

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EmilyMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 22-May-15 13:03:23

We're delighted to present a new series of non-fiction titles, the first of which is Sophia: Princess, Suffragette, Revolutionary, the dazzling new biography of Sophia Duleep Singh. Written by the acclaimed journalist and writer Anita Anand, the book details the life of the dispossessed Princess and society darling turned revolutionary.

We're giving away 50 free copies to Mumsnetters - apply for yours before Monday 1st June.

Read what Anita has to say about the book here

thewomaninwhitefluffybunnyears Mon 25-May-15 09:16:39

Really hope I am lucky with this one, it is right up my street. I love history, it looks fascinating.

doublepotions Fri 29-May-15 13:33:44

Just applied looks great. Cannot believe I have never heard of her.

deadwitchproject Fri 29-May-15 18:24:51

I saw a play called The Maharajah's Daughters which was about Princess Sophia and her sisters. It was a quite a few years ago now but I remember it being absolutely fascinating. Would love to read this, right up my street too.

NickySummerbee Fri 29-May-15 20:08:22

Wow, this sounds very interesting! My favourite patch of history.

Theimpossiblegirl Fri 29-May-15 20:18:46

I can't remember if I applied or not! Can I apply again to be sure or will that disqualify me if I already have?

Cornishchough Sat 30-May-15 07:54:36

Sounds a fabulous book!!! Wow so intrigued

NapoleonsNose Sat 30-May-15 08:05:16

Sounds great. I love women's history and am always on the look out for new biographies.

Doobydoo Sat 30-May-15 19:28:17

Fascinating. I think i only put my first name on form though. Have put address.

Doobydoo Sat 30-May-15 19:31:07

Added surname. Sorry

Solo Sat 30-May-15 19:53:12

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Solo Sat 30-May-15 19:57:54

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Galaxymum Sun 31-May-15 11:03:32

Just applied. I heard the author on Radio 4 and she has written about a fascinating woman. I would love to read and review this book.

Gullygirl Sun 31-May-15 14:37:57

This sounds like a fascinating read, hope I'm selected.

gailforce1 Sun 07-Jun-15 16:29:54

Just received my copy, thank you MN and Bloomsbury. Looking forward to starting when I have finished my current book. Has anyone else received their copy?

formerlyofLadysmith Sun 07-Jun-15 16:47:39

I've received mine & am loving it. In fact you've just reminded me it's in my bag <puts MN away>

Theimpossiblegirl Sun 07-Jun-15 17:53:43

I have my copy and a child free day next Friday so I am hoping for nice weather to sit in the garden all day and read.
Thank you.

Galaxymum Sun 07-Jun-15 22:22:54

I received my copy on Friday. I am also looking forward to a quiet day to read this. So thrilled to be selected.

deadwitchproject Mon 08-Jun-15 06:49:43

I received my copy on Friday too. I plan to have a child free morning next week to make a start on it, really looking forward to getting stuck in. Thanks MN.

NapoleonsNose Mon 08-Jun-15 07:16:11

Received mine last week (thanks MN and Bloomsbury) and have read the first 4 or 5 chapters. I am really enjoying it so far and have a day off tomorrow, so intend to sit in the garden for a nice, long read.

Cornishchough Tue 09-Jun-15 20:18:10

Recieved my copy last week! and wow love it already!!

princessgray Thu 11-Jun-15 15:18:04

Fascinating, covering a subject I knew nothing about. It's quite an education.

homeeconomics Thu 11-Jun-15 19:48:29

Started reading it and about 1/4 through. Didn't know that much about history of Sikh religion so very interesting. Also to get an idea of life during Victoria's reign. Gives you a more personal insight into her as a person.

sallyc06 Sat 13-Jun-15 14:03:36

I absolutely love this book, packed with mystery and suspense, a real epic, fantastic

thewomaninwhitefluffybunnyears Sun 14-Jun-15 19:59:02

I have only just started this but it looks really interesting. I love stuff around the time of Queen Victoria so perfect. I will post again when I am further forward. Really excited about this one smile

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