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NEED something new to!!

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fortheloveofmike Mon 18-May-15 19:48:35

I usually read thriller crime books but lately I'm struggling to get into any of these books. I would like try something a bit lighter and funny.. Am thinking a bit like Bridget Jones but def not mills and boon. Ones that are about being a mum but funny would be good too
Any recommendations welcome smile

fortheloveofmike Tue 19-May-15 05:20:52


fortheloveofmike Tue 19-May-15 05:21:19


katiebrusby Tue 19-May-15 06:11:33

The shopaholic series are good. Secret life of a slummy mummy was good. I thik its called 50 ways yo find a man was good too

fortheloveofmike Tue 19-May-15 08:18:36

Thanks.. There are so many books in that style I don't know where to start!

Fridaysbookworm Tue 19-May-15 09:01:11

I love Fiona Gibson books -really funny & down to earth about being a mum such as 'pedigree mum' or 'take mum out'

Standinginthedoorofthepinkflam Tue 19-May-15 19:56:31

I've written two books along those lines, if you have a kindle/don't mind ebooks...PM me and I'll send you the link if you're interested.

fortheloveofmike Wed 20-May-15 00:04:36

Oh thanks.. will pm you smile

HRHQueenMe Tue 26-May-15 11:29:26

Ok, marian keyes is great, her early books are the best, start with "Rachels Holiday", its not what you think it is and utterly brilliant. Sophie Kinsella is great but some of the shopaholics are a bit to dumb for me.
Jane Green has ups and Downs, some of hers are lovely some itterly crap. I liked Maybe Baby, and loved Second Chance, but avoid Jemima J at all cost...

HRHQueenMe Tue 26-May-15 11:32:06

Jane Fallon is another great author, getting rid of Matthew (soon a hollywood film) and foursome were great.

Izzy24 Tue 26-May-15 11:33:39

Lucy Dawson - can't remember titles but are along those lines.

MimsyBorogroves Sun 31-May-15 13:47:55

Mhairi McFarlane is very good. Snortingly funny in places.

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