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Come and chat to best selling author Marian Keyes, Wednesday 10 June, 1-2pm

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TinaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 18-May-15 15:41:10

From bestselling author Marian Keyes comes a new laugh out loud novel about a very ordinary mum from Dublin, who's about to become the most influential women in the world. Well, for just a few moments anyway...

Click here to find out more and apply for one of fifty free copies.

Don't forget, if you're lucky enough to receive a copy of The Woman Who Stole My Life, we do ask that you tell us what you think about it on the thread below or in our Book reviews section.

This giveaway is now closed.

Marian will be joining us for a webchat on Wednesday 10 June between 1 and 2pm, post your questions on the thread below.

ScarlettDarling Mon 18-May-15 21:50:30

I've applied...I love Queen Marian!

TengoSueno Mon 18-May-15 22:08:38

I Love love love Marian. So excited that she has released another book.

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Thu 21-May-15 14:29:50

<crosses fingers> I love love love love love LOVE Marian (so there!)

DreamToSleep Fri 22-May-15 20:48:03

I've applied too..this looks so good!

myflabberisgasted Mon 01-Jun-15 12:01:26

Yay my book arrived today!

Thanks so much, looking forward to starting this. smile

Cantdothisagain Tue 02-Jun-15 22:29:59

My book is here too! Thank you- looking forward to it!

chillichoclove Wed 03-Jun-15 10:13:38

Thank you, I loved the book - although it didn't help me with productivity while working from home! I love all her books!

peldred Thu 04-Jun-15 18:39:00

Thank you for the book! I loved it and read it over a few days. I liked the way the book was linked together, even with the different timelines. It all came together in the end.

RachelMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 05-Jun-15 13:07:55

The book giveaway has now closed and those who were selected to receive free copies have been notified.

We're a bit excited about the forthcoming webchat with Marian Keyes next Wednesday, 10th June between 1 and 2pm. Please do join us then, or if you can't make it, post up questions in advance for Marian on this thread.

Tanaqui Fri 05-Jun-15 14:11:38

I love MK, I am going to try and think of an excellent question! I bought the above book with real money and it was good! (Though the Walsh family books are my favourites). Also MK should always be on Strictly: it takes two- she is awesome on it!

Off to think now smile

Cocolepew Fri 05-Jun-15 15:10:00

I read the book on the Kindle when it came out and I loved it.

Question is would you like to appear on Strictly and who would your partner be?
I have first dibs on Pasha btw smile

TranmereRover Fri 05-Jun-15 15:32:26

adore this's a great pleasure & indulgence to reread her books. I go to Ireland on business a bit, and find myself biting my lip sometimes with people and situations that are pure Marian Keyes.
I must apologise for buying a lot of them from charity shops & sending them back there again, or borrowing from the library. I feel i need to contribute a little more given the level of enjoyment I've had.

ThursdayLast Fri 05-Jun-15 15:39:21

I love Luke the Real Man. So much.

ShebaQueen Fri 05-Jun-15 15:48:23

Hi Marian, I'm a huge fan and follow you on Twitter, I love hearing all about your family, especially "the Mammy".

What's your latest beach house banjo project?

HeartsTrumpDiamonds Fri 05-Jun-15 17:48:03

Hi Marian, welcome to Mumsnet!

Do you remember meeting me at a book signing in Sydney about 15 years ago? <funny> I remember meeting you grin grin I think it was for Sushi For Beginners. You were lovely - we had quite a chat and I love your accent.

So my question is about book signings. Do you like them or are they a necessary evil?

spidermanswoman Fri 05-Jun-15 17:50:24

I got this book for Christmas and loved it. I've read all of marians books and I always sit down to read the next one with relish.

I will come back with a question.

Doobydoo Fri 05-Jun-15 19:27:28

I LOVE you Marian! You have made me laugh and cry. I would really like to know how you gave up alcohol. I know it isn't book related. Also your inspiration for the Walsh family.

JuniDD Fri 05-Jun-15 19:41:15

I love Marian and always buy her books in hard back. <fangirl>

My question is, what your current favourite make up/beauty item? Afraid I'm not on Twitter much now to get your recommendations and I miss them!

You are amazing! Xxx

almondfinger Fri 05-Jun-15 19:43:35

Marion you are wonderful. I love your books. I don't think any other book has me me laugh as much as Last Chance Saloon. I enjoyed it so much I restarted it as soon as I finished. Then DH read it to see what was so funny.

I slept with Rachel's holiday under my pillow for a few nights when I finished it as I was so sorry to get to the end of it.

No question. Just wanted to tell you you are fab!

LadyFuckrington Fri 05-Jun-15 20:25:50

I love Marian. Rachel's Holiday and Lucy Sullivan, and others of hers saved my life, no word of a lie.

I love how she writes about depression, and I know she has her own struggles with the Black Dog. I have the utmost respect for her and just want her to know that her books are like my best friends, my dog eared and well read copies of each have pride of place on my bookshelves.

I don't really have a question, I just wanted to share some love.

Carriemac Fri 05-Jun-15 20:51:55

Marian I think you are amazing . I love all your books.

pigwitch Fri 05-Jun-15 20:59:20

Hi Marian !
I have read and enjoyed all your books - and then gone back to them at a later date and read them again. I think the book that had a really profound affect on me was Watermelon. I read it from cover to cover in bed after an horrific breakup from an abusive relationship. It helped and helped me focus and put things in perspective. Thank you!
I wanted to ask how you get the ideas for your books? Also I know it's personal but how do you stay 'dry'? Is it easy now or a constant battle?

KatieScarlettreregged Fri 05-Jun-15 21:05:33

Last Chance Saloon.
Tara's fuckwit boyfriend Thomas
(and his purse). He was so recognisable I wondered if Marian was drawing on RL when she dreamt him up. Would love to know.

textfan Fri 05-Jun-15 21:50:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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