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Disclaimer by Renee Knight

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HarpyFishwifeTwat Mon 11-May-15 21:38:57

I really enjoyed this but am desperate to discuss one particular aspect of the book and can't do that with anyone I know as friends haven't read it yet...


ilovemyteddy Thu 14-May-15 14:27:46

I've read it. Which aspect would you like to talk about?

HarpyFishwifeTwat Thu 14-May-15 20:46:31

The husband - he was a total dick wasn't he? When he thought his wife had cheated he was quick to turn on her, when she told him about the rape he didn't believe her but when a random bloke backs up her story he becomes so forgiving and caring. He was a twat.

guilianna Thu 14-May-15 20:51:19

He was so cardboard I couldn't care

HarpyFishwifeTwat Thu 14-May-15 21:07:30

It was one part of the story that just disappointed me. He was just a cliche who frustrated me.

ilovemyteddy Fri 15-May-15 20:17:11

Yes, I totally agree. His attitude gave me the rage! I think maybe he was trying to distinguish between her 'choosing' to have an affair and obviously not choosing what actually happened. But it was his believing the random bloke that really annoyed me.

WipsGlitter Wed 20-May-15 10:39:13

I've just finished this. I guessed it was going to be a rape. I thought the book was too long. When I was half-way through it I had to really gird my loins to keep going.

I was reading it for a bookclub and had to really keep going - first person, present tense and jumping about in time, all the things I hate in a book.

And what was the point of the end bit when she realised her son had seen what had happened? Why was that necessary?

southeastdweller Thu 04-Jun-15 20:12:14

Reading this at the moment and have avoided the replies...will post again at the weekend when I've finished. It's very gripping so far.

southeastdweller Sat 06-Jun-15 13:42:42

I was more bothered that he threw her out and she willingly complied. I found that unbelievable, as with some other incidences, such as when she lost it with her colleague.

I think the point of the bit when she realises that her son saw the rape was because she understands that it was from then that the son started to view her differently, as 'other'. I felt Louise Doughty did a similar sub-plot re child and mother estrangement much better in Apple Tree Yard.

It was an OK book but I'm glad I didn't buy it.

Hygge Thu 25-Jun-15 10:22:46

I read it recently, I bought it when it was cheap on Kindle and posted here with the price. A couple of people commented to say it was worth the lower price. I think I have to agree with them.

I found the whole thing very far-fetched.

I didn't like the husband, and I'm glad she was leaving him at the end.

She went through several traumatic and difficult events all very close together, and I can understand her not speaking out at the time.

But later on when the book and then the pictures came through, and her husband was telling her to leave, I don't know why she went so meekly or without saying a word.

I didn't like the other couple, I forget their names, but the mother writing a book about her son's 'affair' and the way she imagined it, then the father going to such lengths for revenge based on his wife's fiction.

And the colleagues with the 'dropped story' nonsense and so easily believing that she, Catherine, was stalking some random man. You'd expect a successful journalist to be a bit tougher in the face of a bit of professional jealousy and a few assumptions. Or at least to put a better face on fronting it out.

I found it all really difficult to believe in.

southeastdweller Thu 25-Jun-15 20:16:50

Totally agree there, Hygge.

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