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Poldark <spoiler alert> The four swans

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Ineedtimeoff Sun 26-Apr-15 16:14:36

I didn't want to post on the other threads as I didn't want to give away too much plot to others who haven't read the books.

Anyone read The four swans? I haven't finished it yet but I'm so disappointed in Demelza. That's it, their marriage surely can't survive what she has done. sad

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fatnan76 Sun 26-Apr-15 17:27:39

I've just reread it - why can't their marriage survive? It survived what Ross did!

fatnan76 Sun 26-Apr-15 17:44:50

To expand, I think that Demelza has grown with Ross from a vulnerable child to a self sufficient woman and that she has a 'wobble' would be part of growing up and life experience.

I think she feels pity as well as affection and that Hugh represents a lot of different things to her that are lost.

I do think that what Ross did has left her vulnerable to Hugh, too. Especially with Jud telling her about seeing him with Elizabeth.

Am I over invested? Maybe! I've gone straight in to The Angry Tide!

Ineedtimeoff Sun 26-Apr-15 18:10:59

I'm way over invested too. Their marriage only just survived Ross' infidelity (if that's what you call it) but could it really survive Demelza's? Taking into account Ross' character, the time that this is set in and the position of women in those days, I very much doubt that Ross would be so forgiving.
As an outsider we can see it as an understandable 'wobble' but I doubt very much Ross would see it that way.

I also hate the way Ross spoke to Elizabeth at the graveyard. He as much as said that it was her fault that he raped her! I still love him though <shallow>

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Ineedtimeoff Sun 26-Apr-15 18:11:23

I'm about to order Angry Tide now too.

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