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The Pill - how four pioneers reinvented sex - LIKE this book a lot

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ElizabethHoover Sat 25-Apr-15 12:25:25


MaryBerrysEyelashes Tue 21-Jul-15 01:08:47

Boo. I loved this. No one else read it?

SilverNightFairy Tue 21-Jul-15 01:24:27

It looks fascinating! I plan to order it next pay period.

AlpacaMyBags Tue 21-Jul-15 01:28:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Canyouforgiveher Tue 21-Jul-15 01:29:55

I'm going to order it. I was always fascinated by the fact that john Rock thought the catholic church would actually approve of the pill.

I think control of their own fertility (rather than relying on men to be compliant/helpful) is the single biggest step forward for women achieving equality. Thanks for the link.

MaryBerrysEyelashes Sun 02-Aug-15 19:34:34

oh i do hope you like it!

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