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Does anyone know where this line comes from?

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mooth Thu 16-Apr-15 22:02:23

Oh you STAR kurrikurri!!!

You're right! That's the book I read all those years ago! I remembered the line but not the name!

Thanks so much!

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KurriKurri Thu 16-Apr-15 02:17:31

Other voices, Other rooms by Truman Capote says google - so you were half right grin

mooth Wed 15-Apr-15 20:15:00

Interesting. Thanks for answering. I've never read his stuff but I will investigate.

Any other offers, anyone?!

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strawberrypenguin Wed 15-Apr-15 19:58:01

Don't know I'm afraid but if I had to guess I would say it sounded quite like Neil Gaiman.

mooth Wed 15-Apr-15 19:53:03

'A kind of silence, if I may say, was walking through the house, and like most silences, it wasn't really silent at all.'

I believe it to be from 'In Cold Blood' by Truman Capote. My son disagrees. Can any of you settle the argument? I know it's a long shot.....

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