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if i liked girl on a train. what else should i try?

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TheoriginalLEM Wed 08-Apr-15 23:14:49

I quite liked this. easy to read. although i predicted the ending in the first few chapters.

What else might i like?

i didnt like gone girl though.

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meandjulio Wed 08-Apr-15 23:20:37

Elizabeth is Missing
The Mystery of Mercy Close and Anybody Out There by Marian Keyes

tripfiction Thu 09-Apr-15 08:36:41

Possibly Her and look out for Disclaimer (which is out today I think)

Listmaker Thu 09-Apr-15 14:46:20

I've been recommended The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson...only just started it but think it has promise and it gets good reviews.

TheoriginalLEM Thu 09-Apr-15 15:20:52

thanks smile I looked at Elizabeth is missing, it looks like a really good story but i don't think i could read it as my father had alzheimers so it would be too close to home for me.

Will have a look at the others.

Despite myself i downloaded the second cormoran strike book, despite wanting to jump on my kindle after reading the last one, its easy to read and at the moment thats what im looking for.

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SocialMediaAddict Thu 09-Apr-15 19:34:17

I hated Elizabeth is missing.

I just finished The Ice Twins which parts I enjoyed and parts a bit close to home as I have identical twins!

tobee Thu 09-Apr-15 20:04:59

I was worried about the elizabeth is missing because my grandmother had alzheimers but a friend whose father currently has the disease said it wasn't a problem for her. I liked the book (I know many didn't). In fact the alzheimers is dealt with in a quite empowering way, if that makes sense, as it's down from the sufferers point of view.

tobee Thu 09-Apr-15 20:05:40

Done not down.

Gumnast2014 Thu 09-Apr-15 20:06:36

Gone girl

SmokingGun Thu 09-Apr-15 20:12:28

I let you go by Claire Mackintosh is really good read. I also enjoyed all of Mark Edwards books too.

Listmaker Fri 10-Apr-15 14:37:46

Have now finished The Kind Worth Killing - it was great - really gripping with plenty of twists and turns. Definitely recommend that one.

mumhum Fri 10-Apr-15 14:43:00

How about:

Perfect by Rachel Joyce
The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer

007JamesBond Fri 10-Apr-15 14:47:42

Apple Tree Yard?

Listmaker Fri 10-Apr-15 15:17:39

Perfect is a bit dull I thought. Shock of the Fall was good but not a thriller type book.

Apple Tree Yard was a page turner but some bits were very implausible.

Imperial Fri 10-Apr-15 15:20:56

Rose petal beach or the ice cream girls by Dorothy Koomson

Annarose2014 Fri 10-Apr-15 15:24:21

I hated EIM too. I just found it bloody depressing. Had nightmares about having Alzheimers afterwards!

Annarose2014 Fri 10-Apr-15 15:30:12

By the way, The Kind Worth Killing is cheap as chips in the Kindle store right now. Downloaded! Thank you!

Listmaker Fri 10-Apr-15 17:30:01

Hope you enjoy it Anna!

guilianna Sun 12-Apr-15 11:46:19

don't bother with Disclaimer

Southeastdweller Sun 12-Apr-15 12:07:40

Really, guilianna? I reserved it at the library yesterday. What didn't you like about it?

guilianna Sun 12-Apr-15 17:16:51

I think I had sky-high expectations! it was an OK read, but not the wow next hot thing it was hyped as. You might disagree! it seems to me the real wow books come out of nowhere and don't suffer from that weight of expectation!

LikeABadSethRogenMovie Sun 12-Apr-15 17:20:26

I'm reading The Last Letter From Your Lover and am enjoying it. I haven't finished it yet though, so it has plenty of time to get crap!

hollyisalovelyname Sun 19-Apr-15 10:24:39

I didn't like The Mystery of Mercy Close at all.
It just went on.
I feel bad saying that because Marian Keyes comes across so nice in interviews and in her column.

noTVandNObeer Tue 21-Apr-15 09:56:03

The Sea SIsters by Lucy Clarke.

Fuckup Thu 23-Apr-15 09:16:20

If your still about I think you'd like The Sleeper by Emily Barr. Another train related mystery!

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