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Novels featuring Psychologists

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Elfina Sat 04-Apr-15 20:16:00

I've got the Tony Hill series by Val McDairmid, does anyone know of any others?

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Hathall Sat 04-Apr-15 20:20:50

The Dice Man by Luke Rhinehart

gaggiagirl Sat 04-Apr-15 20:21:45

The Alex Delaware series by Jonathan Kellerman.

simonettavespucci Sat 04-Apr-15 20:23:11

Sally Vickers - The Other Side of You

Fourleafedclover Sat 04-Apr-15 23:10:08

Don't Stand So Close by Luana Lewis. The author is a clinical psychologist.

blueshoes Sat 04-Apr-15 23:52:57

The Alienist by Caleb Carr

CoteDAzur Sat 04-Apr-15 23:55:18

The Interpretation Of Murder by Jed Rubenfeld is about Freud and Jung's visit to New York in 1909, when they try to solve a murder with their recent theories.

Noeuf Sat 04-Apr-15 23:57:11

Yes! I can recommend my favourite book which you must read and feed back on.
The Almost Bridesmaid

JulyKit Sat 04-Apr-15 23:59:05

'The Semantics of Murder' by Aifric Campbell - well, it's about a (very bad) psychotherapist.

Loved it.

Off now to see if there's any more out from her.

Are there any psychologists in Zoe Heller's The Believers? I can't remember if there were, but there might well have been. I loved that book too. (Really enjoyed everything by ZH.)

mamadoc Sun 05-Apr-15 00:00:51

Human Traces by Sebastian Faulkes

LadyGregory Sun 05-Apr-15 00:02:18

Sylvia Brownrigg's The Delivery Room.

mamadoc Sun 05-Apr-15 00:10:02

Regeneration by Pat Barker

In fact I think my choices are psychiatrists not psychologists (personal bias in play). Great books though.

I like Tony Hill and Alex Delaware too though.

JemimaPuddled Sun 05-Apr-15 00:22:24

Someone has probably already said this

ashtrayheart Sun 05-Apr-15 00:23:43

The most recent series of Nicci French books?

Fourleafedclover Sun 05-Apr-15 00:31:54

Also The Lie of You by Jane Lythell. The psychologist and the therapy are not a main feature of this book though. It's tangential.

A good read however.

DontForgetTheLightAlesLawrence Sun 05-Apr-15 00:36:49

Michael Robotham. Flawed but sympathetic psychologist is the protagonist in most of his books. I think the only one that isn't is The Drowning Man.

DontForgetTheLightAlesLawrence Sun 05-Apr-15 00:42:04

July I loved The Believers. I seem to remember the characters as being academics. Could well have been in Psychology tho.

thinkofablinkingnamewoman Sun 05-Apr-15 08:04:58

noeuf - who wrote your book? Can't find it on Amazon. Thanks!

Noeuf Sun 05-Apr-15 08:09:39

Let me check

Noeuf Sun 05-Apr-15 08:15:39

The unknown bridesmaid, sorry! Margaret forster

thinkofablinkingnamewoman Sun 05-Apr-15 08:18:10

Thank you - will give it a try!

Noeuf Sun 05-Apr-15 08:57:56

It's really really good. One chapter is a session in the present day with her client and one in the past .

cdtaylornats Sun 05-Apr-15 11:54:51

The novels from the cracker series

Elfina Sun 05-Apr-15 14:39:39

Exciting! Thanks so much!

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thinkofablinkingnamewoman Mon 13-Apr-15 18:09:40

Just finished the Unknown Bridesmaid. Thanks Noeuf - I really enjoyed it and would recommend. It's not as 'action packed' as some of the suggestions above, but it's beautifully written and I liked the way the different client sessions fed back into Julia's story and gave another perspective on it. Any other suggestions would be very welcome!

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