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Please help me find this 90s/00s crime fiction about a murdered woman.

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EverythingButTheKitchenSink Wed 01-Apr-15 17:18:45


Really hope someone can help with this as it's been bugging me for 2-3 years now. Basically it was a sort of crime fiction (although not really a thriller) about a woman who had been murdered on her way back from a parent's evening in a small village. The book was written from the perspective of her best friend who goes about her daily life and can't move on/ get over how such a thing could happen. The best friend has an affair with the murdered woman's husband and I can't remember who the killer turns out to be. The book is set in a remote seaside town and I believe was written by a British author.

Many thanks!

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highlandcoo Wed 01-Apr-15 17:35:38

Was it Something Might Happen by Julie Myerson?

EverythingButTheKitchenSink Wed 01-Apr-15 17:49:10

Yes,thank you very much it's been bugging me for ages.

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