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Discworld Book Club 1 - The Colour of Magic

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Christophewouldgetit Wed 01-Apr-15 00:11:08

I have literally just finished and thought I would post my thoughts before snoozing of wizards and giant turtles grin

There is so much to love about this book. It's hard to talk about without alluding to the books to come but it gives a tantalising glimpse into the richness of the Discworld universe.

I adore the way that there are wild & wacky bits but my favourite is when things that I know inside out are given the STP twist; so the luggage, the camera, in-sewer-ants smile

My absolute favourite bit though is the part where Rincewind slips into our universe for just a few minutes and heroically saves a plane! It's not until you finish reading that part that it all makes sense and I re-read it with a huge smile on my face at the sheer brilliance. Dr Rjinswand from Sweden with Herr Zweiblumen grin

I have The Light Fantastic to hand but may have a slight hiatus before I dive on in!

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RueDeWakening Mon 06-Apr-15 21:29:50

I'm marking my place as a reminder to start this at the weekend! Need to finish current book first so I can concentrate properly on COM grin

Mitzi50 Mon 06-Apr-15 21:35:18

Only just discovered the Discworld series - loved the Colour of Magic and intend to work my way through. I've just finished Mort. I never realised what a genius Terry Pratchett was.

Christophewouldgetit Tue 07-Apr-15 16:39:36

Too many books - not enough time grin

Am trying not to start The Light Fantastic until I know there will be some people to talk it through with - gagging though!

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Calfon Wed 08-Apr-15 07:51:38

I sm up for rereading this but have to finish my book club book first. Give me a week!grin grin

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Wed 08-Apr-15 13:06:09

This was the first Pratchett I ever read, and I really disliked it. I then read, 'The Hogfather' and that persuaded me to read others.

I must re-read a few. The Sam Vimes ones are my favourites, plus, 'Reaper Man' and, 'Feet of Clay.'

CapnMurica Thu 09-Apr-15 23:11:20

I know people tend to prefer his later books, as more fleshed out I guess, but I love The Colour of Magic.

My favourite bit is 'reflected-sound-as-of-underground-spirits' grin. Every so often it pops into my head and I repeat t to myself as some sort of secret mantra.

I can't decide if my favourites are those set in Lancre or those set in Ankh Morpork....

BinaryBunny Thu 09-Apr-15 23:13:24

I found this really hard going at places, but do enjoy it

nocoolnamesleft Tue 14-Apr-15 01:40:06

I prefer some of the later books, but one thing that crossed my mind on rereading CoM was how fully formed some aspects of Discworld already were so early on...

Christophewouldgetit Tue 14-Apr-15 15:14:40

Coolname - that's a really good point.. There is so much just touched upon which is expanded later but TP clearly knew what he was doing from the off!

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