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wolf by Mo Hayder

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whatwoulddexterdo Wed 25-Mar-15 18:56:40

Finished this yesterday. It's unusual for me to keep thinking about a book after I've finished it. I read so many that I normally just grab the next one in my pile. But this one, oh my God it's so unbearably tense. I have read the whole Jack Caffrey series and fortunately this one is not as gruesome as the previous ones. I thought it was very tightly plotted, loads of twists and also moved the whole disappearance of his brother story arc on.
In summary it's bloody good but don't read it if you scare easily.

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cdtaylornats Thu 26-Mar-15 15:28:07

Have you read Pig Island? Scary

theconstantvacuumer Thu 26-Mar-15 20:30:50

I really enjoyed it although it's an incredibly tense read. I was a bithmm at the 'mystical' element of it, IYKWIM. The parallel story of the walking man and Jack's brother was just awful. It took me a while to stop dwelling on that.

SocialMediaAddict Thu 26-Mar-15 20:33:03

I keep thinking about Jack's brother. Imagine knowing that! A time when ignorance is bliss.

When is Jack going to get together with Flea?!

guilianna Thu 26-Mar-15 20:33:37

definitely on form!

whatwoulddexterdo Thu 26-Mar-15 20:55:04

God, I had forgotten all about Flea! She is the deep sea diver isn't she? I read so much it's sometimes hard to remember all the details, especially when there is quite a gap in the books coming out. I think it's really cruel that Cafferey knows about his brother. How much can one person hurt?
Can't get into any of her standalone books. Hated them all especially Hanging Hill. Love this series though.

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waycat Sat 28-Mar-15 04:42:02

I absolutely loved Wolf - infact, I love the whole Jack Caffrey series.

You're right - it's one of those rare books that stays with the reader long after you've finished it.

Wonder when the next is due????

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