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help me find my next books

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perfectmummy Sun 15-Mar-15 21:35:57

really struggling to find aany books which stand up to a few really good reads I've had recently.
Loved :
The Drownnign of Arthur Braxton
The Humans

All quite different in style but I loved them all the same.
I've had a couple of non starters since. Cant seem to match them!

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WipsGlitter Sun 15-Mar-15 21:38:05

I've just read I Am Pilgrim. I loved it. Utter tosh. But a good read.

TheProdigalSquonk Sun 15-Mar-15 21:39:53

How about something like the hundred year old man who climbed out of the window... or the shock of the fall. Different from what you've listed, but I suspect you would enjoy them

DuchessofMalfi Sun 15-Mar-15 21:42:58

Have you read The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton? I liked it very much.

Other recent reads - Elizabeth is Missing (forgotten author's name, sorry)
The Book of Strange New Things by Michel Faber (odd, but really enjoyable)
Arctic Summer by Damon Galgut
Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro
History of the Rain by Niall Williams
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke
The Ladies of Grace Adieu by Susanna Clarke

RumAppleGinger Sun 15-Mar-15 22:57:28

I was just coming to recommend The Humans but you're way ahead of me. I loved it and fear I also might not be able to easily find my next book after how much I loved that one.

Corygal Sun 15-Mar-15 23:02:53

The Book of Strange New Things by Michel Faber.

Gobsmackingly brilliant and deeply escapist yet thought provoking. Heaven.

sparrowcottage Mon 16-Mar-15 07:15:59

my current Fave is history of the rain, Nial williams. then i started great expectations, which i enjoyed for 40% then got a bit bogged down, looked up the rest of the plot on Wiki and might switch now! Strange things looks like its worth a shot

5Foot5 Mon 16-Mar-15 13:35:52

I finished The Humans recently (liked it) and went straight in to....

Nunslinger by Stark Holborn

Totally different books - Nunslinger is basically a Western. This is a genre I have never really read much but I was attracted by the name.

It is actually a great fun read. It is all action and nothing particularly challenging but I thoroughly enjoyed it and had come to care about the characters by the end. To me that is a mark of whether a book is enjoyable

perfectmummy Mon 16-Mar-15 17:49:10

think I'm after thought provoking. thanks for the recomendations all

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TheHumanSatsuma Tue 24-Mar-15 15:12:44

Have just finished A Man Called Ove. Fantastic.

imaginative Wed 25-Mar-15 17:15:09

Just finished Until you're mine by Samantha Hayes. Absolutely loved it. I want to read it again now.

I also loved the girl on the train.

If you like a bit of scary spookiness as well as a twist, then What Laura Saw by Sarah King is a nice fast read.

Oh and, I let you go is a great quality read with an interesting twist half way through.

ginmakesitallok Wed 25-Mar-15 17:20:19

I liked Elizabeth is missing, and the first fifteen lives of harry august.

Fuschiapink123 Thu 26-Mar-15 10:18:15

Sometimes I like something completely different from what I usually read so currently reading when the lion feeds by wilbur smith after hearing him on radio 4 book club. I would never have considered it before and enjoying it smile
I also bought Apache from kindle spring sale after reading the review of one woman who was irritated by her husband staying up late with it. She loved it and gave it to a surprised book club saying that it's the only book all her book club have finished within a week so that may be worth a go

TheImprobableGirl Thu 26-Mar-15 10:21:15

I read the goldfinch by donna tartt and found that quite good, quite turny turny but great how you get to see why the boy does what he does and where it leads.

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