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If I like Kate Atkinson who else would appeal

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Viviennemary Thu 05-Mar-15 19:55:02

I like Kate Atkinson, Anita Brookner and Barbara Pym and am looking for a new author to try. Not so keen on people like Marian Keyes. Or detective fiction though I do read the occasional one. Any recommendations? Thanks.

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DuchessofMalfi Thu 05-Mar-15 20:51:45

Nina Bawden, Margaret Drabble, Penelope Lively, possibly Iris Murdoch, might appeal?

Figureof80 Thu 05-Mar-15 21:19:39

Anne Tyler, Angela Carter.

ShanghaiDiva Fri 06-Mar-15 12:02:40

Maggie O'farrell

Cornishblues Fri 06-Mar-15 17:42:31

I'm a huge fan too and ask people the same question! I also like Isabel Allende, Sarah waters, and look at the whitbread/Costa prize for inspiration. Not sure whether there is any commonality here!

MairzyDoats Fri 06-Mar-15 17:44:58

Was also going to suggest Maggie O'Farell, Anne Tyler, maybe Anita Shreve?

Viviennemary Fri 06-Mar-15 18:44:52

Thanks very much for all these recommendations. I went down to the library and got How it All Began by Penelope Lively and the Hand that First Held Mine by Maggie O'Farrell. I've not tried anything by either of those before. I've only tried one Anne Tyler and that was years ago that I didn't like much though I know she is very popular so it's probably time for another one.

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MsQueenie22 Sat 07-Mar-15 11:31:49

Cazalet series may appeal.

LIZS Sat 07-Mar-15 11:44:56

Kate Morton?

Hippychickster Thu 12-Mar-15 21:39:08

Amy Tan? Quite different writers but I love them both.

Shedding Thu 12-Mar-15 21:48:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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